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Questions About PUT and Processor OperationsBen on Dec 5
 Answers on Dec 5
 It is possible to PUT images partially off screen, depending on screen mode... on Dec 6
 Thanks for the answersBen on Dec 6
QBasic and reading webpages? on Dec 5
 Depending on your OS and browser...Pete on Dec 5
 *We need to add this to the FAQ on Dec 5
I need help with this program badly on Dec 4
 We don't do VB here anyway on Dec 4
  YesSai on Dec 4
   Use INSTR on Dec 4
    Thanks!sai on Dec 4
     *Ya welcome on Dec 4
Bob's Forum Login on Dec 4
eficient box on Dec 4
 screen 0?Ben on Dec 4
  *error on Dec 4
   lol, sorryBen on Dec 4
 Sure in ASCII, if you can find all 4 corners and the horizontal and vertical on Dec 4
  for loops vs. string$Ben on Dec 4
   * Don't mess with me until you apologize! on Dec 4
    * it was not directed to you, but to dave who wanted an eficient box.Ben on Dec 4
     * Look at your post! Who is "yours"? on Dec 4
      Clippy is right, you directed the post at his response. As for the apology...Pete on Dec 5
       It is not about the direct translation.Ben on Dec 5
        * Dave's not here! Probably using my routine........ on Dec 5
 User draws double-line box of any size and enters text.Solitaire on Dec 5
  Your routine uses a lot of calculations on Dec 5
   Good idea, but I have too many personal problems. (All are welcome to read this post.)Solitaire on Dec 6
    Sorry to read that...Pete on Dec 7
     Thank you for your good wishes.Solitaire on Dec 8
    *i feel very very sorry for what you are going through. i hope it gets better for you. on Feb 16
input problem on Dec 4
 input problemJersey John on Dec 4
 That dreaded question mark in input statements...Earthborn on Dec 4
 Do you realize that you never print the number? on Dec 4
*Great -- ads are gone. Now how about IP's and formatting? on Dec 3
 itch, itch, itch, itch, itch, itch, itch...Pete on Dec 3
  *Aw I used to like finding out where people came from. I hope you can get them. on Dec 3
   * People come from fertilization. You must have been asleep during that class.Pete on Dec 3
    * It has been a while, but not at CMU as I recall......... on Dec 4
  * desenex does ita real fungi on Dec 4
   Desenex reminds me of a story about Desitin. Advice for future parents...Pete on Dec 4
    * I suggest you also stay away from suppositories! on Dec 4
     * No way, that's my big idea for a proactive air freshener : New Glade Suppositories!Pete on Dec 6
      * Is it that bad at the office? LOL on Dec 6
       Rats, Glade turned me down. Apparently they already make a product called Glade Plug-Ins.Pete on Dec 7
    *Someone once told me if your teeth itch, chew sandpaper (purely academic in your case). on Dec 4
    Desitin reminds me of a story about Debianqbguy on Dec 4
     * Whattttttt? Here's your Debian............ on Dec 4
     * LOL - Comedy Central is alive and well at the QBF.Pete on Dec 4
      Desenex on Dec 5
  *Formatting is all I really cared about anyway - thanks! on Dec 4
Help with Qbasic on Dec 3
 *Show us what you've written already please on Dec 3
  Respond to answer on Dec 3
   You have a way to go yet on Dec 3
   Ask your instructor on Dec 3
    I agree...Pete on Dec 3
     Thank you on Dec 3
      You're welcome. If you get some of it written but get stuck, post what you have...Pete on Dec 3
partiton on Dec 3
 * Why not just use GRUB?qbguy on Dec 3
 Here's a small open source boot managerqbguy on Dec 3
 Be careful if you are using a Vista dual boot systemPete on Dec 3
 I can explain how it's done on Dec 5
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, our ads should all go away...Pete on Dec 2
 Sorry on Dec 3
  Keep your fingers crossed...Pete on Dec 3
   * ok on Dec 3
   * If they are gone, I will burn my weed man! on Dec 3
    * Ads are gone.qbguy on Dec 3
     * Hey, does anyone else besides me smell weed burning, man?Chong on Dec 3
      no on Dec 4
     yaaaay on Dec 4
      Please don't make us reread what you said in the title Dave. on Dec 4
       sorry on Dec 4
        ******************** No your NOT! on Dec 4
         *i am on Dec 4
          * Ok Dave, lol...... on Dec 4
*URL - Music while you code QB, by Yohan Sebastian BOB.Amadeus on Dec 2
 *Thanks for the plug, Wolfgang ;-) on Dec 2
A member informed me he was having trouble posting on the main forum...Pete on Dec 2
 I did not think you could actually get the whole orchestra Bob! on Dec 2
  *Thanks Clipster -- the "orchestra" is courtesy of Yamaha, however (lol). on Dec 3
BrainBox: qbasic puzzle gameByen on Dec 2
 Re: BrainBox, forum posting...Pete on Dec 2
Questions about VGA color planes, memory, and bitwise operationsBen on Dec 1
 Regarding the segs on Dec 1
  Thanks, but...Ben on Dec 1
   You discovered I was totally wrong, here's the right answer. on Dec 2
 You need to learn to find information on your own... on Dec 2
  QBasic Segments are 8 ints? on Dec 2
   *They're x86 16-bit mode segments. And they're each 16 bytes apart and 65536 bytes long. on Dec 3
  ThanksBen on Dec 3
   The design of VGA is not consistent on Dec 4
Attention all personnel...Pete on Dec 1
 * Oooh Radar you sound so official! on Dec 1
  * Let me be Frank with you Margaret, shut up!Hawkeye on Dec 1
 A day or two ago there were no ads...Ben on Dec 1
  Answer... and to the tune of Jingle Bells...Santa on Dec 1
   * Hoe, hoe, hoe.................... on Dec 1
   *Great -- now I'm going to have that damn song in my head all night. on Dec 1
   *lol, that was actually pretty good on Dec 1
 Well it turns out we have a couple more days to go...Pete on Dec 1

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