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Proud of forum will not allow me to post a link in my profile!Clippy on Jul 7
 That's because it's not proud of you!Pete on Jul 7
  If that is the case then never mind. Lots of 4 letter words! NO OWNER.Clippy on Jul 7
  qbasicstationqbguy on Jul 7
   * "qbasicstation", but adding .com means that your post won't go throughqbguy on Jul 7
    Testqbguy on Jul 7
     I don't think it is the profanity filterqbguy on Jul 7
      * But I think this link qualifies for deletion by our leader (hint, hint).Clippy on Jul 7
       *I'm going to delete this entire thread when discussion is over.Pete on Jul 7
        * Now you're starting to sound like the N54 Help Forum. LOLClippy on Jul 7
 Weird...Pete on Jul 7
 Apparently other forums are having this same problem with other links...Pete on Jul 8
  Re: Apparently other forums are having this same problem with other links...foobar on Jul 8
   *LOL - Houston, we have a mascot!Pete on Jul 8
 *LOL, I'm back already. It was good.Artelius on Jul 5
QB64 V0.84 Released! (*URL)Galleon on Jul 4
 Please change name to WB64 or adjust logo, accordingly...Concerned Citizen on Jul 5
  *These robot bees don't buzz, hence he is a Quiet Bee (64 years old).TheBOB on Jul 5
   So you're stating that QB64 is nothing to buzz about???Concerned Citizen on Jul 5
  * Aren't "Queen" bees gay or sumtin?Clippy on Jul 5
   No. They're more like promiscuous couch potatoes.Solitaire on Jul 7
    * Hmmmmm. Except for the lots of babies part, that sounds like my Ex wife!Clippy on Jul 7
 Correct link (*URL)Galleon on Jul 6
  Correct link (again!)Galleon on Jul 6
   Dubious? I thought Galleon was the only one with board privileges...Pete on Jul 6
    Thanks for trusting me!Halleon on Jul 6
     * Hit a few trees on the way down those slopes, did ya?Pete on Jul 6
      *Oh go eat a treeArtelius on Jul 6
   Maybe it's something Galleon is doing wrong...Pete on Jul 8
Opening Notepad in a shell creates screen defects or freezes QBClippy on Jul 4
 * Remove the START from the commandqbguy on Jul 4
 Notepad doesn't require START or CMD /C but START gets it to terminate...Pete on Jul 4
  Thanks. This worked without Screen 9Clippy on Jul 4
   Just another day in this Goth-am City... or as the Caped Crusader would put it...SCREEN ZERO HERO on Jul 4
*What was that command to check the colors of pixels in graphics mode? thanksqbasic forgetter on Jul 3
 * clr% = POINT (x, y)Clippy on Jul 3
 * This was also posted ears hurt.Clippy on Jul 3
QuickBASIC For MacNightmare on Jul 2
 it's destined for system 6.X.X or lower.MystikShadows on Jul 2
  * Will QuickBasic for Mac work with System 7.1?Solitaire on Jul 2
   7.1 should work yes...MystikShadows on Jul 2
   ...Nightmare on Jul 3
    * Technically they're DOS versions not Windows versionsqbguy on Jul 3
   Here's a link "QBasic for Mac"Nightmare on Jul 3
    * Looks like garbage to me! Did you try it?Clippy on Jul 3
     You can't use wget to download itqbguy on Jul 3
      There's not much point in downloading it unless you actually have a Mac, though.qbguy on Jul 3
       * Really? Wow you ARE a genius!Clippy on Jul 3
    How can I transfer this file to my Mac?Solitaire on Jul 3
     There is a way to do that transfer to a mac....mystikshadows on Jul 4
      * The link on PC to Mac brokenClippy on Jul 4
 New Dosbox version 0.73 can be used in Mac OS X. (link)Clippy on Jul 2
Need some ideasBen on Jul 2
 This reminds me of a game called SkyroadsArtelius on Jul 6
* How many BASIC programmers here understand CS?E. W. Dijkstra on Jul 2
 * About 42Anonymous on Jul 2
 By CS, do you mean C#?Solitaire on Jul 4
  * I think he meant "computing science", which is what Dijkstra called computer scienceqbguy on Jul 4
Can I do this with VIEW and WINDOW?Pharoah on Jul 1
 All you need to do is...TheBOB on Jul 1
  *Thanks! VIEW is very useful :).Pharoah on Jul 2
   *Unfortunately the new coordinates don't seem to apply to DRAW's "M" commandPharoah on Jul 2
    Nope, doesn't work, however...TheBOB on Jul 2
Interpreter or Compiler?Nightmare on Jul 1
 QBasic vs. QuickBasicSolitaire on Jul 1
Excel creates Semicolon Separated Variable files?Clippy on Jun 30
 Excel uses...Antoni on Jun 30
  * Thanks Antoni. I figured it was something like that. He found a 2003 Excel that works.Clippy on Jun 30
Out of curiosoty, is anyome programming anything in QB now and if so, what?Pete on Jun 28
 Still working on my QB demonstrator.............Clippy on Jun 28
  I will be needing your QB demonstrator soon as possible to overthrow the government...Myran from Iran on Jun 28
   I don't think that the internet will be the future for programmingClippy on Jun 28
   QB64 basically emulates an 8086 running DOSAnonymous on Jun 29
    * P.S. Freebasic isn't that great either.. on Jun 29
    * YOU are useless............Clippy on Jun 29
     * Putting lots of periods for an elipsis instead of just 3 is useless...Anonymous on Jun 29
      * Pete PLEASE change the no name entry back to "WANKER"!Clippy on Jun 29
    RE: QB64 basically emulates an 8086 running DOS... (Really?)Galleon on Jun 30
     * All I wanted was for Interrupt 21h to be added.Clippy on Jun 30
      Actually, yes you didAnonymous on Jun 30
       RE: "A QBASIC-like language is USELESS without support for CALL INTERRUPT/ABSOLUTE"Galleon on Jun 30
        Re: Call AbsoluteBen on Jun 30
         RE: How far are you planning to go with the support for call absolute? (*URL)Galleon on Jul 1
 Projects in the last year...TheBOB on Jun 28
  Another SCREEN 0 convert to the Church of Basictology.Pete on Jun 28
   A check printing program, Reverend? ...TheBOB on Jun 29
    You mean your program was justAnonymous on Jun 29
     *New Balance is a footwear companyArtelius on Jun 29
      * Really? Now I'm afraid to ask what 'End Balance" is.Pete on Jun 29
    I do my banking online. Don't they have that in Canada?Clippy on Jun 29
     Online banking? What'll they think of next! ...TheBOB on Jun 29
      Well I think you forgot something.......Clippy on Jun 29
       *Nothing -- I never get to Calgary anymore.TheBOB on Jun 29
        * LOL nevermindRosanna Dana on Jun 30
    * It's still on my 3.1 backup, somewhere. I believe it was around 30KB.Pete on Jun 29
     Hmmm where is my 3.1 backup? Oh I forgot, my wife threw it away!Clippy on Jun 29
     *Mine's about 11KB, and half of that is ASCII decoration.TheBOB on Jun 29
      I did a canadian accounting system once. ....MystikShadows on Jun 30
 You can't write serious programs in BASICE. W. Dijkstra on Jun 28
  * Oh go hang your NUTS on another fence!Clippy on Jun 28
 A student report comment generatorGalleon on Jun 29
  Cool and useful!Solitaire on Jun 29
   *You assume right! Assigning grades is never a perfect science.Galleon on Jun 30
    *Grades... 6,3,3,4,3/4,?...Galleon on Jun 30
 Recent QB activity not much to talk about.Moneo on Jun 29
  Maybe we're having the same dream but....MystikShadows on Jun 29
   What? Qute Babe isn't thought in school anymore?Clippy on Jun 29
    * That's OK, Clippy probably thinks Moneo gets his phone service through Taco Bell.Pete on Jun 30
 I'm keeping myself busy with QB :)...MystikShadows on Jul 1
QuickBasic or QBasicNightmare on Jun 23
 Ya got that backwards.............Clippy on Jun 23
  *Actually QBasic 1.0 came after QuickBasic 4.5 - but before QBX/PDSArtelius on Jun 24
 Microsoft is stupid...Pete on Jun 26
  IF M$ is so stupid then none of us would be here..........Clippy on Jun 26
   Skilled workers need not apply...Pete on Jun 26
    *lol@Intel chocolate chips (do they also make potato chips?).TheBOB on Jun 26
   Wait, how do you parse that sentence?Grammar Police on Jun 26
    * What an eeF....................................Clippy on Jun 26
     * WTF is an EEF?Anonymous on Jun 26
      It's French for don't post WTF here anymore.Pete on Jun 26
       * You must have been watching "Hardball" on MSNBC, lolClippy on Jun 26
       *Another sign of the times: MILF Island on 30 Rock (very funny, though).TheBOB on Jun 28
        *What's so funny about a Mother-in-Law with flatulence?Pete on Jun 28
         *I don't know, I always thought it was a gas!TheBOB on Jun 28
    Microsoft is stupid, but I do like M$ Word...Pete on Jun 26
     * Do you mean the Damerau-Levenshtein distance (* URL)qbguy on Jun 26
      *Yes, how could I forget? I knew the name was either Jones, Smith, or Damerau-Levenshtein.Pete on Jun 26
     This is interistingAnonymous on Jun 26
Any tips for reducing the number of lines in a program?Pharoah on Jun 23
 There's always the colon...TheBOB on Jun 23
  *Oops! Just realized you were talking about FB -- not sure if colons work there.TheBOB on Jun 23
   FB does nasty things to a lot of people's colons.Pete on Jun 23
    * OMG! He actually answered a FB question?Clippy on Jun 23
     It is actually "an" FB question...Grammar Police on Jun 26
      Re: It is actually "an" FB question...Sai on Jun 26
       OK, let's settle this with a quick quiz. FB should only be used with...Pete on Jun 27
        WTF is an AkthoughAnonymous on Jun 27
         Weirdest posting problem I've seen yet with N54...Pete on Jun 27
          I remember that day.MystikShadows on Jun 28
           * Yes, that was it! Lacking in SCREEN 0. No wonder I disliked it so much.Pete on Jun 28
            * WHERE IS the documentation in QB Help for PCOPY in Screen 0 anyhow?Clippy on Jun 28
             HereAnonymous on Jun 30
 Don't let ELSEs go to waste!Artelius on Jun 23
  FreeBASIC does have ON GOTO and ON GOSUBqbguy on Jun 24
   Actually...Imortis Inglorian on Jun 24
 Write an interpreter?ComputerGhost on Jun 29

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