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big problemstudent on Jun 20
 * It all depends on your skill level and what interests you.Solitaire on Jun 20
Why not Windows version of Quick Basic?J Waring on Jun 19
 *There is! Goto (download it from the forum)Galleon on Jun 19
  Re: *There is! Goto (download it from the forum)J Waring on Jun 19
   QB64 aims to 100% QB compatibilityCyperium on Jun 24
 If you don't even know what DOS is, why do you want to program in it?Clippy on Jun 19
  Re: If you don't even know what DOS is, why do you want to program in it?J Waring on Jun 19
   I'll assume you've also tried FreeBasic...Galleon on Jun 19
    Re: I'll assume you've also tried FreeBasic...J Waring on Jun 19
     They did. They called it Visual Basic since Windows is based on a GUI.Solitaire on Jun 19
    * Don't assume; because when you try FreeBasic, you make an ascii out of you and me.Pete on Jun 19
   Why aggressive? Because you keep saying the same things.Clippy on Jun 19
 If you have trouble understaning a response, ask for a better explanationArtelius on Jun 19
  Re: If you have trouble understaning a response, ask for a better explanationJ Waring on Jun 20
   I don't think you should give up just yetArtelius on Jun 20
    Re: I don't think you should give up just yetJ Waring on Jun 20
     Re: I don't think you should give up just yetBen on Jun 20
     I'd give up! Does not seem to know how to use Vista either.........Clippy on Jun 20
     *Almost there! Just type QB instead of QBasic in DOSBOXArtelius on Jun 20
      Re: *Almost there! Just type QB instead of QBasic in DOSBOXJ Waring on Jun 21
       Starting QB automatically...Artelius on Jun 21
        Re: Starting QB automatically...J Waring on Jun 22
         You're most welcomeArtelius on Jun 22
          Hey, awesome.Dustinian on Jun 23
           *I agree! Patience is a virtue!Cyperium on Jun 24
Attention q4321... You need to identify yourself to be listed in the "R" Group...Radar O'Reilly on Jun 13
 * Radar, qb4321 is TheBob. Perhaps it's a joke?Clippy on Jun 13
  I know Bob is qb4321, I also know his jokes are funnier.Pete on Jun 13
 *..let Clippy in.(I'll let you guys decide if he is a "Tom" or a pretty little Dutch Clip?Replies2EveryPost on Jun 13
 Just a thought...TheBOB on Jun 14
  Thanks Bob, and thanks for mentioning my home town, Toledo. One question...Corporal Klinger on Jun 14
   *lol - very sweet, corporal. Red is definitely your color -- it matches your chest hair.TheBOB on Jun 14
   *Wow, turns out Borat has been done beforeArtelius on Jun 14
Make Fibbonaccis FAST!qbguy on Jun 12
 GreatBen on Jun 15
  Quite rightArtelius on Jun 15
  Sureqbguy on Jun 15
   Alsoqbguy on Jun 15
    Yeah sure, blame in on N54....................LOLClippy on Jun 15
     "Might as well have just put the values in anyhow!"qbguy on Jun 15
      * Ok, I see what you mean. Thanks for the explanation!Clippy on Jun 16
   What would the O(log(n))-like expression be for the golden ratio relation?Ben on Jun 16
    * For floating point it is O(1), but it is inexactqbguy on Jun 17
inverting comma with decimal pointGiorgio53 on Jun 12
 Not with PRINT USINGClippy on Jun 12
 Re: inverting comma with decimal pointMoneo on Jun 12
  WTF is \DEV\NULAnonymous on Jun 12
   *Just to piss you off Linus breath! WTF do you think?Clippy on Jun 12
Decimal to qbasicDave on Jun 10
 You can use this to convert to any base number system.Clippy on Jun 10
  * QBASIC already has OCT$ for octal thoughAnonymous on Jun 10
  * That doesn't work for "any" base system -- it can't even do bases above 10 like hexfoobar on Jun 11
 Check the subforum for previous solutions:Solitaire on Jun 10
  WHAT the H**k is wrong with my solution anyhow?Clippy on Jun 10
   Nothing wrong. Just add it to the archives for future referenceSolitaire on Jun 10
    * Naw, I don't wanna remember Urls. It is already posted in the right forum.Clippy on Jun 10
 I think this would work :)Cyperium on Jun 24
Detecting a stuck key on the keyboardShaun on Jun 10
 Try using the keyboard scan codes.Clippy on Jun 10
  Scan CodesNate on Jun 12
   RE: Scan Codes & BeepingGalleon on Jun 12
    Scan CodesNate on Jun 12
     Code 224 designates the newer keys like the Arrow and Home keysClippy on Jun 12
     Not meArtelius on Jun 13
   *Read INKEY$ now and then, but just throw it awayArtelius on Jun 12
    *What was wrong with my solution? ; )Galleon on Jun 12
     *You posted it in the 12 seconds it took me to post mine :PArtelius on Jun 13
 RE: firing sequence on its own which could be rather dangerousGalleon on Jun 11
  No, clearly they should use SchemeAnonymous on Jun 11
Run Command In an .exe fileShaun on Jun 8
 As far as I know any valid command is legal when compiled...TheBOB on Jun 8
  Using RUNShaun on Jun 8
   *Strange -- try renaming the file just in case "TRAP" is a special .exe command.TheBOB on Jun 8
    *Another possibility: if you still get an error, try CHAIN "Trap" instead of RUN.TheBOB on Jun 8
   It doesn't matter that it is called from the Main Body...The Rock on Jun 8
 You can, but if I remember this right, not inside a sub...Pete on Jun 8
  *In Crimson Tide, Denzel Washington ran inside a sub -- of course, he was an officer.TheBOB on Jun 8
   That just tells us that QBasic supports Affirmitive Action.The Rock on Jun 8
    * Chit! That whitey captain never ran anywhere and let his dog pee everywhere!Snoop Dog on Jun 8
    But functions in QBASIC are third-class citizens!qbguy on Jun 17
 Yes you can, but will run an ".exe" file instead of a".bas" fileangros47 on Jun 9
Quick Basic on VistaJ Waring on Jun 5
 * VISTA can only run QB in window mode. Screen 0!Clippy on Jun 5
  Quick Basic on VistaJ Waring on Jun 5
  Re: * VISTA can only run QB in window mode. Screen 0!J Waring on Jun 5
   I'd be careful about trying to make a partition...Pete on Jun 5
    Re: I'd be careful about trying to make a partition...J Waring on Jun 6
 Other options...Artelius on Jun 5
  You could get 32 bit video driversClippy on Jun 5
   Re: You could get 32 bit video driversJ Waring on Jun 6
 *Try dosboxDave on Jun 10
In a sequential file loop, does it really matterSolitaire on Jun 4
 Yes, it mattersqbguy on Jun 4
  That makes sense. Now is there a preferenceSolitaire on Jun 4
   UNTIL is just syntactic sugar for WHILE NOT -- use whichever you wantqbguy on Jun 4
 * The DO loops assume that there is data in the file prematurely.Clippy on Jun 4
  That should be "The DO loops prematurely assume that there are data in the file."Grammar Police on Jun 4
   * You forgot an asterisk. No donuts for you!Chief of Police on Jun 4
   * SORRY QBGAY! Does your chief support "Don't ask - don't tell"?Clippy on Jun 4
 Well, I did not look at the other answers, so someone probably had this one....Pete on Jun 4
  * Yes, you should have read the other posts!Clippy on Jun 4
   You're not going to like thisDavid on Jun 5
    Then why not try....Pete on Jun 5
     Yes, that is what I use, too...Pete on Jun 8
      I've never used Freefile. I just assign my own numbers with no problems.Clippy on Jun 8
       Rats, I somehow responded to myself instead of OPRESION...Pete on Jun 8
Petesqbsite is down. Maybe Pete is upgrading it? I hopeangros47 on Jun 4
Random generate a number between 1 - 8Shaun on Jun 1
 RE: Random generate a number between 1 - 8Galleon on Jun 1
 You can'tqbguy on Jun 1
  Oh, and if using QBASIC RND, be sure to RANDOMIZE TIMERqbguy on Jun 1
  RE: You can'tGalleon on Jun 2
   Yes you canqbguy on Jun 3
    Dice are not truly random.Solitaire on Jun 3
     I come in from the casino pool and rub the suntan lotion on a side of each die.Pecos Pete on Jun 3
      RE: I believe everything is determined.Galleon on Jun 3
       * Wrong... If you were right, the word "undetermined" would not exist.Pete on Jun 3
       I'm afraid I'll go with the physicists on this oneArtelius on Jun 3
        A thought...TheBOB on Jun 3
         Your argument isn't solidArtelius on Jun 4
          I'm not sure I disagree with you...TheBOB on Jun 4
           Funny you should say all thatArtelius on Jun 5
            *Interesting -- be sure to post any relevant stuff!TheBOB on Jun 5
         But when will we be able to type in QB64?Galleon's Monkeys on Jun 4
   Read up on statistics...Tim on Jun 3
    * No thanks Tim; if I want to listen to white noise, I'll tune in Rush Limbaugh.Barack Obama on Jun 3
     * Rush is not exactly a random generator either. But he does create chaos!Clippy on Jun 3
    Not really random actually.London on Jun 3
     * Doubtful, but if you are able to, I'm sure some mathematicians have a prize for you!Tim on Jun 5
     And you would be able to decrypt KGB one-time padsIain on Jun 9
      * Everybody loves some Ruskie sometime... (Decoded by the QBG)Dean Martin on Jun 9
   You can buy random number generators,David on Jun 5
    * If they are anything like your GOTO loops I'll pass..........Clippy on Jun 5
 BETWEEN 1 and 8? You mean 2 to 7?Clippy on Jun 1
  OK, if you want to be really pedanticqbguy on Jun 1
 Re: Random generate a number between 1 - 8Pete on Jun 1
 A clear explanationArtelius on Jun 2
  * I read it twice and NOWHERE in your post did you explain the CLEAR statement.Pete Dantic on Jun 2
   *The CLEAR statement is for lazy people that don't wanna figure the variables to reset!Clippy on Jun 2
    * Compilers and libraries are for lazy people who are too lazy to learn ASM.qbguy on Jun 2
     * Assemblers are for lazy people who are too lazy to memorize opcodesqbguy on Jun 2
     * ASM is for people too lazy to learn machine code.Pete Dantic on Jun 2
      Machine code is for people who are too lazy to...Michael Calkins on Jun 2
       Chiseling your program into rock is for people who are too lazy toqbguy on Jun 2
        * Like you know Al Gore's rithems. He invented the internet!Clippy on Jun 2
    CLEARBen on Jun 2
     CLEAR allocates stack space for recursion, yesqbguy on Jun 2
      *In other words, you would probably only use it at the beginning of your program.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
      * Like the STACK needs to be initialized? My memory says it does it anyhow.Clippy on Jun 2
 * SHAUN, you are on my no reply CHIT list! Only QBguy answers those.......Clippy on Jun 2
Attention all personnel... The N54 is set to renew June 1...Radar O'Reilly on May 31
 * Lately I have had no problems with hyperlinks. Even the first time.Hawkeye on May 31
 * Thanks for another year! I'll see you in my tent later.Hot lips on May 31
 Sometimes there is a 'grace' period..Father Mulcahy on Jun 1
  * No problem. Priests are used to "collecting" money, lol.Clippy on Jun 1
  You Pinkos just don't appreciate the outstanding Anerican institution that is Network54.Frank Burns on Jun 2
   * "Institutions" are for CRAZY people!Surgeon McCoy on Jun 2
Please help my son, He can't use QBasic to make his new budget work...Obama's Mama on May 31
 INTEGER only supports -32768 to 32767qbguy on May 31
  *Thanks. He was getting an "overflow" error, which was probably put there by a Republican!Obama's Mama on May 31
  I'm using a binary data formatBarack Obama on May 31
 Try bignums insteadTim on May 31
Ben's Super Biannual Tennis TournamentBen on May 29
 You must be a big eater, because you pass a lot of crap!Pete on May 29
 NiceArtelius on May 29
  yBen on May 31
   PCOPY is slow, slower than CLSArtelius on May 31
    Speed comparison of PCOPY with SWAPOldDosLover on Jun 6

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