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The deifintive QBASIC forum posting placement posting guideDean Menezes on May 29
 You have been the WORST offender here! Anything is better than nothing! on May 29
  Re: forum suggestions forum, also tutorialqbguy on May 29
 *I hope you are being sarcastic. on May 29
  qbguy doesn't have a sarcastic bone in his body. His brain, however, is a different story. on May 29
   CHR$(42) More about this... on May 29
    * 'The Developer's Guide to a Sense of Humor' gets yet another ride in the shopping cart. on May 30
     Just get rid of all of this crap that does not belong in the QB Forum please! on May 30
 Speaking of the Penguins (link) on May 29
Ideally, talk about this forum should be separated from talk about QBASIC code...'G' the ideas man on May 28
 *The above post should be moved to the FORUM RELATED sub-forumNot 'G' the ideas man on May 28
  *Or maybe we should have a QB code questions sub forum, lol.roy on May 29
Dear Forum Community - Please read this! on May 26
 This is not QBASIC.COM's Forum! on May 26
  Re: This is not QBASIC.COM's Forum! on May 26
   Qbasic.comroy on May 27
    Pleading? on May 27
     removed by posterMybad on May 27
      Nobody else I know minds that Mark has on May 27
       Mark has no need for it on May 27
       qbasic.comBen on May 28
        Okay, here are my thoughts... on May 28
        That "SPAM" comes from the QBnews Community News Forum. on May 28
         QBASIC.COM should be a single page site with a mindmap of links...'G' the ideas man on May 28
         Well I did ask if someone wanted to be an editor on and write articles. on May 30
          Dammit Jim, we're coders, not co-authors... on May 30
           Murder 2! Twenty to life! Take it or leave it......... on May 30
            *I thought I did. :S on Jun 8
 Fred can research QB history and thanks to Microsoft, he can BING it. on May 27
  We should accept ANY help when it comes to this Forum! on May 27
How to force code to Goto on F1 press on May 26
 Something like this? on May 26
  Something Like this II on May 26
   * Redo from start error.........Ian Luver on May 26
Running Quickbasic in Windows XPNate on May 25
 Can you run fullscreen modes other than SCREEN 0 on your XP without DOSBOX? on May 25
 About directory commands... on May 25
 You might try compiling your programs in QB64... on May 25
 Windows XP is your problem. on May 26
  Thanks for all you help..Nate on May 26
Attention all personnel... Graphics Forum Wallpaper for Memorial Day. on May 24
 *Thanks, Radar -- ya done good. on May 24
  *Semper Fi on May 24
   * That phrase is NOT listed in QBguy's "comprehensive" dictionary file. on May 24
Are GOSUBs ever okay?Pharoah on May 20
 GOSUBs. on May 20
  If I may expand on May 20
   That is illogical unless Mounties still ride on horses where you live........ on May 20
    GOSUB is for your is for main a program some thing fast and easymad_man on May 21
     *In English or Spanish please :)Pharoah on May 21
    Don't force me to emotionally compromise you again Spock!Kirk on May 21
     * I have no emotions Captain. Throw that hammer if you dare! on May 21
    *True, I guess if you throw the Nail Gun, you can retrieve it again with the air hose on May 21
     * How?Ben on May 21
      * Please go to the "Nailgun Forum" for details........ on May 21
 * I guess you have not hit the QB "ceiling" yet? on May 20
  *What?Pharoah on May 20
 *GOSUBs are fine! Just don't use RETURN. on May 20
  * But that is effectively a GOTO statement.qbguy on May 20
   *I think he was kidding. Using GOSUB without RETURN also eats some stack space each time.Pharoah on May 21
    * Ya think? LOL on May 21
 My research shows GOSUB is significantly faster than using a SUB if arguments are needed on May 21
 You've answerwed your own question, Phar__h on May 21
 GOSUB's also allow the use of multiple entry points... on May 22
  *Hmm, this could be used to create switch() style fall through behavior.Pharoah on May 22
   Exactly, also simple things like... on May 22
  Sure, but you can do exactly the same thing by passing a parameter... on May 23
   Dammit Jim, SUB parameters are too slow! on May 23
    Captain's Log, stardate 0523.9. on May 23
   Not quite the same thing, Jim (I mean Pete, whoever you are)... on May 23
    * Then I'll just CLIPPY them! on May 23
    As usual Mr. Spock, you are correct in your assessment; however... on May 23
     *I can't argue with your results, Captain, but you tend to Klingon to an idea. on May 23
      *And you sir, tend to "pun"tificate. on May 23
  This is really an unorthodox use of GOSUB without matching RETURNs for each occurence,Solitaire on May 23
   * Why bring religion into this discussion? on May 23
    Don't use case fall-through behavior or I'll excommunicate you from the Church of EMACSSt. IGNUtius on May 23
     * Note to self: No more Romulan Ale for Mr. Chekov. on May 23
   * Please sign in as a Star Trek character if you expect to be taken seriously. on May 23
    Dammit Jim, we're show girls not programmers! on May 23
     Mr. Sulu, lay in a course for Risa, warp factor 10! on May 23
      *Those better not be Canadian quarters! *;-) on May 24
  ASM exampleqbguy on May 23
The QB_station domain has expired!Solitaire on May 17
 It expired on the 13th and Jack has 5 days to reinstate on May 17
  Whois will give you his telephone number. Enter Qbasicstation.roy on May 17
   * I sent an email to his video site and it apparently worked. We'll see. on May 17
   * I called Jack today, but it's just another message machine! on May 18
 * It looks like the qb_station site is back in business.Solitaire on May 18
  * GREAT except I cannot Login! That will take another month. on May 18
Attempting to post a new thread..Solitaire on May 15
 Post worked, but unable to edit it.Solitaire on May 15
  There's a message I've been trying to post for the last two days:Solitaire on May 15
   Is there some kind of ban on typing that url?Solitaire on May 15
    *Will someone else please test it by typing that url in this forum?Solitaire on May 15
     * qbasicstation.comqbguy on May 15
     Here it isDean Menezes on May 15
      I've been going to that website every day for the last year,Solitaire on May 15
       I just tried posting that url to the title and I got that same error message again.Solitaire on May 15
        Re: I just tried posting that url to the title and I got that same error message again.Dean Menezes on May 15
         * I think Pete placed some "anti-competition" code here...... on May 16
          Yupasdf on May 16
       I too noticed this a couple of days ago and was surprised... on May 15
        LOL are you talking about Jack releasing his GOTO code? on May 16
     Qbasic Station has been gone 3 days now. URL on May 15
      Qbasicstation.roy on May 16
       *You can put a back order. Cost about 20$.roy on May 16
        * Sure, while he gets the AD money and we pay? NO WAY! on May 16
       *I think Pete should buy the domain name & redirect to this forum (or no nothing) on May 16
        *(or do nothing) on May 16
        * According to one site, Jack has 5 days to reinstate it. on May 16
Need Help in doing a qbasic flow chart n hipo chart with do while and case codes on May 15
 Flowchartsqbguy on May 15
  Link and more infoqbguy on May 15
  Hipo Chart on May 15
   * I've never seen a "flow chart" with dead ends.......... on May 15
    Dead ends?Luke Smith on May 15
     A flow chart compares choices on May 15
      Why (-1)?Ben on May 15
       * -1 is all ones in binary two's complementqbguy on May 15
        I see...Ben on May 15
         The method used to represent negatives in binary is called "two's complement" on May 15
          Nice explanation of bitwise logical operators in QB, Artelius.Solitaire on May 16
           I don't believe I did explain the bitwise operators in the first place on May 18
       You answered your own question. QB returns -1 for true.(code) on May 15
 You should really learn how to use real SUBSPharoah on May 15
  Re: You should really learn how to use real SUBSLuke Smith on May 15
   I'm surprised they are still teaching QbasicPharoah on May 15
    Re: I'm surprised they are still teaching QbasicLuke Smith on May 15
     This is what I'm talking about...ExactlyPharoah on May 16
      BIG DEAL! So what if you were born in the 90's? on May 16
       Since when are Scheme and Python "Harder"Pharoah on May 16
        * Then go to those forums and quit arguing against QB in this one! on May 16
         Calm downPharoah on May 17
          Discussion moved to avoid stupid arguments about "off-topic" ness (*URL)Forum Placement Police on May 17
        *Personally I think Python is a little harder and Scheme is much harder. on May 18
    WRONG!Forum Placement Police on May 15
     * ROFLMAO on May 15
     Well, you have to admitPharoah on May 16
      *I freely admit that. IMHO people who like DOS should love Linux. on May 19
    QBasic rules on May 16
     Well, there are some things it seems only Qbasic hasPharoah on May 16
    Don't dis QBasic.Solitaire on May 16
     * Who said anything about teaching VB? He suggested Python and Scheme as the alternatives.qbguy on May 16
      * VB is more ON TOPIC than those two alternatives here! on May 16
       *Either it's on topic or it isn't. VB isn't Qbasic, so it too would be "off topic".Pharoah on May 16
       * But that isn't answering the OP's question!qbguy on May 16
        * No problem. Post your answers at the correct place and link it here..... on May 16
     I agree that OOP and GUI programming aren't essential, butPharoah on May 16
      It makes less sense to use it, then complain about it! Use INKEY$ function. on May 16
       It makes least sense to not post any codeqbguy on May 16
        * I already posted code twice in this thread. Your turn...... on May 16
       *Way to put this in the wrong subthread.Pharoah on May 16
      OOP isn't essential? on May 16
       * Yeah, I wish I had taken typing classes now! on May 17
       Thank you for this postPharoah on May 19
        If you have hit that "ceiling", then you are free to get out of the room! on May 19
         freebasicBen on May 19
          This doesn't belong in the QBasic forum Ben... on May 19
           I seeBen on May 19
  Re: You should really learn how to use real SUBSLuke Smith on May 15
   How about an INKEY$ loop? on May 15
    Your code doesn't workqbguy on May 16
     * I goofed. Thanks on May 16
My new sharpLisztfr on May 14
 This is in the wrong FORUM!Forum Placement Police on May 14
  ?Lisztfr on May 15
 (*URL with the word Linux in it)qbguy on May 14
  *OkLisztfr on May 15
Why can't I post here?Solitaire on May 14
 * If anyone else is having this problem, email me. Apparently, I'm not experiencing it. on May 14
 Still trying to post.Solitaire on May 14
  It looks like problem was cleared up temporarilySolitaire on May 14
  Still have trouble posting.Solitaire on May 14
   *Tried again without success to post a new message.Solitaire on May 14
   * I STILL CAN'T POST to a new thread!!!Solitaire on May 15
    * Anywhere? Or just here....... on May 15
     * To the top.Solitaire on May 15
      I've been trying to find out about a certain website.Solitaire on May 15
rofl @ "Dear Mark" on May 14
 I would have to agree butroy on May 14
  I removed that! I was not in a good mood yesterday :-) on May 14
The following doesn't work in QB7.1 but works in QBASIC, why?Qb7.1guy on May 12
 RE: IT WORKS FINEOpresion on May 12
  *Unlike your caps lock key?Pharoah on May 12
    * i love lower classed opressionists. kiss me baby! on May 13
    Well, OPRESION is in luck, as I program in uppercase. on May 14
     *Don't worry, Opresion (aka __eqo__) will probably find a new Obsesion soon. on May 14
      RE: Don't worry, Opresion (aka __eqo__)...OPRESION on May 14
     At Least It's Not Title CasePharoah on May 16
      German capitalizes all nounsqbguy on May 16
       *Yeah I remember noticing that, but they don't cap every word.Pharoah on May 19
  You answered the wrong question! on May 12
   BC.EXE shows thisqbguy on May 13
    * Hopefully you don't either................. on May 13
    I figured that might be the case... on May 14
     Look at this:qbguy on May 14
     There be a good reason, though... on May 14
      But QBASIC has the same behavior (* URL)qbguy on May 14
     Actually there's a better reason on May 23
 Bug in PDS 7.1?Solitaire on May 12
  * QB 4.5 has bugs too. I guess 4.0 was the best QB code they ever did. on May 13
 * You want bugs? M$ guarantees them! on May 12
question on creating a timer on May 10
 lol@not homework... on May 10
  I elaborated on Bob's code:Solitaire on May 10
   Shortened codeSolitaire on May 11

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