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Message TitleAuthor and Date
School helpChad on May 6
 Re: School helpChad on May 6
 Re: School helpChad on May 7
 At first glanceLondon on May 10
Program won't run ( Deadline is Tonight!)Alexander on May 6
 CIRCLE is also a QBASIC commandqbguy on May 6
  Re: CIRCLE is also a QBASIC commandalexander on May 6
   * Sure, that will workDean Menezes on May 6
    Re: * Sure, that will workAlex on May 6
     OK, I'll give you the code since you have it almost done anywayqbguy on May 6
      Re: OK, I'll give you the code since you have it almost done anywayAlex on May 6
       Re: OK, I'll give you the code since you have it almost done anywaybtw. on May 6
        Re: OK, I'll give you the code since you have it almost done anywayAlex on May 6
      Another HOMEWORK violation from QBGUY!Clippy on May 6
       But if I told him to "read the error message and do what it says"qbguy on May 7
        whoaAlex on May 7
         Please ignore ClippyPhyloGenesis on May 7
          Homework policy? Can't you read it?Clippy on May 7
           *Does this policy explicitly forbid fixing code that the student has already written?Pharoah on May 8
           I think these rules should be amended...Dustinian on May 12
            Re: I think these rules should be amended...Pharoah on May 13
             * The page NEVER mentions CUT! It already says COPY!Clippy on May 13
              NO IT DOES NOT!!!qbguy on May 13
               * Debian is LINUS! LINUS must have changed the text from copy to cutClippy on May 13
                * WARNING! Posting as my alias is punishable by RUST!Clippy on May 13
               * ROFL... The QBasic Forum ate my homework. I'll be changing that to copy, soon.Pete on May 13
               NOT in the instructions of how to load the code DICK !Clippy on May 13
                * An ASCII? Oh yeah, well you're an EBCDIC! :Pqbguy on May 14
                 *OuchPharoah on May 15
       sum up...Dustinian on May 14
                 * Did you COPY or CUT that post?Clippy on May 14
                * a dictionary GARBAGE file you say?Ben on May 14
            Well, as I stated in a previous post, I will change it to COPY, soon...Pete on May 14
         Re: "C++ is where it's at"Pharoah on May 7
         I cannot say that you cheated either.................Clippy on May 7
         C++, other languages...Artelius on May 8
        *Damn it qbguy. I noticed the world ending today, now I know why.London on May 7
         * LolPharoah on May 9
def segBen on May 4
 * Ok, I give up. How SLOW is DEF SEG Mr. Dosbox?Clippy on May 4
  You know how to test that, TedTim on May 5
   * Ben runs everything slow in DOSBOX to check speeds.Clippy on May 5
   * Also, what is a nanosecond when the human eye cannot see 30 frames per second?Clippy on May 5
    Well, as you can see, a hundred million nanoseconds is a tenth of a second. Duh.Tim on May 5
     I know the math. Do you know manners?Clippy on May 5
  Eternity is a subset of DOSBox. Oh, and speaking of which, infinite numbers do not exist..Pete on May 5
 Not in QBArtelius on May 4
  movswBen on May 5
   *Yes, in fact I get about 300 FPS flat out in QB using an assembly routineTim on May 5
    Neat!Ben on May 6
     Bitplane copyingTim on May 6
      Little problemBen on May 6
       * 1 plane = dim a(80*480\2) as integer, 4 of those give me "out of memory" :[Ben on May 6
       Re: Little problemTim on May 6
       This worksDean Menezes on May 6
      Assembly codeTim on May 7
computer freeze when trying to use graphicsgalway85 on May 4
 *Do you get an error message, or just a hung computer? Does the QBasic IDE close?TheBOB on May 4
  Hung computergalway85 on May 8
   Has the problem been solved...TheBOB on May 8
 I may have had the same problemPharoah on May 4
 DON'T USE DOSBOX. W2K fix URLClippy on May 4
  *What's wrong with Dosbox?Pharoah on May 4
   Why patch something half-assed! FIX it.Clippy on May 4
    Re: Why patch something half-assed! FIX it.Pharaoh on May 4
     * SO WHAT? Fix the video driver problem and forget DOSBOX!Clippy on May 4
      Re: * SO WHAT? Fix the video driver problem and forget DOSBOX!Pharoah on May 4
       No problem, I was aware that you were not aware. :-PClippy on May 4
     A computer that's still running Windows 2000 is probably too slow to run DOSBOX fastArtelius on May 4
QBASIC fontBrandon on May 3
 IE, you want the fonts placed graphically (link)Clippy on May 3
  Speaking of character overlays....Ben on May 5
   * Looks like a normal print. You can mask black with white (15) to PUT it.Clippy on May 5
    "Looks like a normal print"Ben on May 5
     *Yes it does nothing on my XP. All text is white on black.Clippy on May 5
      Same for me on XPqbguy on May 5
      WeirdBen on May 5
QBASIC/FB GUIsBrandon on May 3
 I love & hate this site at the same time...Galleon on May 7
  It's really more of a forum (despite being called the GUI blog)Pharoah on May 10
 * Interesting GUIs... Kinda makes me want to get back into QB. :)ComputerGhost on May 9
PEEK(&H46C) for timer ticks discrepancy with TIMER value (anyone know why?)Galleon on May 1
 20 seconds? I only get about a one-second difference at any given time - pun intended.Pete on May 1
  Well I get 20, check out these results!Galleon on May 2
   *I get 15 seconds difference.roy on May 2
 I set the time to midnight and tried it in pure DOSDean Menezes on May 2
 Found itqbguy on May 2
  * Microsoft's site says it is 18.2064819336 ticks per secondqbguy on May 2
   Thank you Qbguy, you were spot on!Galleon on May 2
 Galleon has 20, roy has 15, and I have 1. Purely from a 'guy' perspective, I'm unhappy.Pete on May 2
  I hope my wife doesn't see that program in my QB files...Pete on May 2
 Hmmmmmmmmmm 21 seconds?Clippy on May 2
 A detailed accountArtelius on May 2
Colorized String FunctionsPharoah on Apr 29
 * Why are you using DOT names?Clippy on Apr 30
  *I got used to underscores, but QB doesn't like them :(Pharoah on Apr 30
   * Oh, I thought your shift key quit working :-PClippy on Apr 30
    RePharoah on Apr 30
     You only have to type in the correct CamelCase once to restore.roy on May 1
      * I guess if he made a TYPE he could toss them all into a Random file...........Clippy on May 1
       *Huh?Pharoah on May 1
        I think Clippy was joking and suggesting...roy on May 1
      * Are those like "camel toes"?Clippy on May 1
     No, camel case is using capitalization to separate wordsqbguy on May 1
      *I think we already knew that. lolroy on May 1
      I was wondering about those terms for variable case usage.Solitaire on May 2
       * I call it CapCase. Who cares really? A duck is a duck unless it really is a pig.Clippy on May 2
       *CamelCase = Bactrian camel . camelCase = Dromedary camel. lolroy on May 3
  *Because it is object orientated code. The variable CS is an object created elsewhere.Someone who hates DOT names on Apr 30
   *Yeah, lots of object oriented QB code floating around. I can see why you're confused.Pharoah on Apr 30
QBASIC grid helprob on Apr 29
 You should do your own homeworkPharoah on Apr 29
 * You could use RANDOMIZE TIMER for better RND.Clippy on Apr 29
  *Didn't notice that. Yes, use RANDOMIZE TIMER, else you'll get the same results each time.Pharoah on Apr 29
   * Please don't encourage me :-)Clippy on Apr 29
 Re:Ben on Apr 29
  I think it's supposed to give negative numbersPharoah on Apr 29
   I seeBen on Apr 29
    Ben you are supplying code to a person that has not even tried that hard.Clippy on Apr 29
     If they really don't care....Ben on Apr 30
      I wish my school had home ecPharoah on Apr 30
      Oh, they care! But they just want to have somebody else do it.Clippy on Apr 30
  Re: TeachersArtelius on May 2
 * Program code removed. Let's stick to the Homework policy; OK, people?Pete on Apr 29
  * OK Pete, if you INSIST!Clippy on Apr 29
MS-DOS character devicesqbguy on Apr 28
 *Probably has something to do with DOS's primitive redirection (URL)Pharoah on Apr 28
  This page seems to think it has something to do with OS/2Pharoah on Apr 28
Extra null at the end of a file?Pharaoh on Apr 27
 * A NULL string character has no length. ASC the bytes.Clippy on Apr 27
 From PDS helpArtelius on Apr 27
  *Hmm... It's odd that I've never noticed this before then!Pharaoh on Apr 27
   * I wonder what the PUT byte was?Clippy on Apr 27
    *Well, I'm writing an archiving program.Pharaoh on Apr 27
     * Then why not just copy the files?Clippy on Apr 27
      *Because that wouldn't produce an archive...?Pharoah on Apr 27
       * Why not just use tar (the program)?qbguy on Apr 27
        * Yet another EUNUCH's no sex program? We use QB here!Clippy on Apr 27
         *Writing the archiver was faster than rebooting into Ubuntu :)Pharoah on Apr 28
          * Wow, you must either type fast or have a slow computer LOLqbguy on Apr 28
           *Right on both counts :)Pharoah on Apr 28
        *Why write anything in Qbasic?Pharoah on Apr 28
         * OK, so the point in just to write an achiving program in QBASIC?qbguy on Apr 28
          YesPharoah on Apr 28
     Just wondering...Ben on Apr 28
      Right now it only archives one levelPharoah on Apr 28
       *How do you determine the files to archive?Clippy on Apr 28
        * Command line arguments?qbguy on Apr 28
         * I WISH the man would SAY something other than one liners!Clippy on Apr 28
          Okay, here you go (didn't realize there'd be any interest)Pharoah on Apr 28
           By "DIR magic" do you mean this?Clippy on Apr 28
            shell "dir /b > dir.dat"Pharoah on Apr 28
             * LINKClippy on Apr 28
              *Sounds like SHELL "DIR /B /A -D > DIR.DAT" should workPharoah on Apr 28
               * There is also Attributes Archive option for changed filesClippy on Apr 28
          *Also, notice some of my posts don't have *s in front of them, and contain more info?Pharoah on Apr 28
FOR... STEP helpJustis on Apr 27
 STEP 3Ben on Apr 27
  Re: STEP 3Justis on Apr 27
  YOU BRAT! QUIT DOING HOMEWORK assignments!Clippy on Apr 27
   He pretty much had it done.Ben on Apr 27
    You COULD have said..................Clippy on Apr 27
     Qbasic is logic, english is not.Ben on Apr 27
      Because 1 / 3 is an infinite number of 3's. QB can't go that high.Clippy on Apr 27
       What?qbguy on Apr 27
        * Try PRINT .3333333 * 3 in QB4.5Clippy on Apr 27
         Weirdqbguy on Apr 27
          It worked ok using single and double variables though.Clippy on Apr 27
       * It should be "fewer 3's".Grammar Police on Apr 27
      No, 1 - 0.999... = 0qbguy on Apr 27
       I see they got a whole article on the subjectBen on Apr 27
       * Actually .9999 = .9999 and 1 = 1, not both! Who invented that?Clippy on Apr 27
        You missed the trailing "..." stuff.RpgFan on Apr 27
         No, I understand infinite repetitions , but QB comes nowhere near thatClippy on Apr 27
          It is not just QB.roy on Apr 28
         Logical conundrum.roy on Apr 28
          Re: conundrumDean Menezes on Apr 28
Pete: RE: the Proud subforumSolitaire on Apr 26
 * Click the "Index of threads" Link at top right to view your programs the old wayClippy on Apr 26
What is going on at the main page?Pharaoh on Apr 26
 I'd like to know why Mark is displaying QbasicNews Community postsClippy on Apr 26
  I'm surprised Mark still handles this sitePharoah on Apr 26
   Mark does NOT have anything to do with this Forum!Clippy on Apr 26
    Mark is using RSS feeds.roy on Apr 26
     *The last RSS feed by Clippy has now been posted.roy on Apr 27
      * Yeah I was testing to see if it would workClippy on Apr 27
SoundDon on Apr 26
 * Look up SOUND, BEEP, and PLAY (or do they not work?)qbguy on Apr 26
  ReplyDon on Apr 26
   *You have to use ASM or an external program to interface with the sound card.Pharaoh on Apr 26
   You can wire the PC speaker to the sound cardqbguy on Apr 26
    * SOLD and SOLDING mean solder and soldering.Clippy on Apr 26
    *That's actually a terrific idea.qbguy's advocate on May 5

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