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Generating an ASCII pie chartPharoah on Apr 24
 PiesBen on Apr 24
  Thanks, I think this has enough infoPharoah on Apr 24
 Use SEARCHMarineDon on Apr 24
  I seeBen on Apr 24
  *This is an ASCII pie chart, I can't use CIRCLE or LINE...Pharoah on Apr 24
   *Think we wrote our replies at the same time :)Pharoah on Apr 24
 * WHAT the heck is an ASCII half height character? -- ?Clippy on Apr 24
  Characters 220 and 223.Pharoah on Apr 25
 WARNING: SpoilersArtelius on Apr 25
  Wow!Ben on Apr 25
  The Rock likes pie... but I think you meant WIDTH 80, 50The Rock on Apr 25
   * I think he wants an 8 X 8 text block so each character is equal.Clippy on Apr 25
    *It doesn't matter what you think! :) It looks more like a 3-D presentation with 50 rows..The Rock on Apr 25
     * How is that 3D? :) A lot of wasted black space!Clippy on Apr 25
      Try it with "WIDTH 80, 50" full screenDean Menezes on Apr 26
       I thought "off topic" was your middle name.Clippy on Apr 26
        *I'm using this to generate charts for QML pages... No graphicsPharoah on Apr 26
  *Nice, nice, nice! (QB64 doesn't like Art's pie yet so I'm going to teach it better taste)Galleon on Apr 26
   *Fixed QB64 to run pie program for next releaseGalleon on Apr 26
    * I somehow KNEW that Artelius' programs would test QB64's limits:-PClippy on Apr 26
   I don't see anything in there that would cause QB64 not to run itqbguy on Apr 26
    This was the problem...Galleon on Apr 26
 Pie charts considered harmful (not as harmful as GO TO statements though)E. W. Dijkstra on Apr 26
  *But pies are delicious!Pharoah on Apr 26
   How about a beer chart, then?Artelius on Apr 27
    * Pies are delicious and beer chart - LOL. I needed a good laugh today, thanks :)Pete on Apr 27
    * I thought he was hooked on Sprite.........Clippy on Apr 27
     This Sprite? (*URL)Artelius on Apr 29
      *That's great! Never saw that one (much more elegant code than my thrashing machine).TheBOB on Apr 29
      WowPharoah on Apr 30
      * Now that's what I was talking about!Clippy on Apr 30
I might be on something.. I mean onto something, Concerning hyperlinks....Pete on Apr 24
 * What text formatting box? I have not seen that in a year!Clippy on Apr 24
  *Neither have IMarineDon on Apr 24
  No, not that one, it's gone, the Enable formatted text check box...Pete on Apr 24
   Oh, I got rid of that on my ownClippy on Apr 24
Can QBasic be used to write a twitter program?Some Twit from the U.K. on Apr 23
 *Wow, so did I..........but I met twattersClippy on Apr 23
  *Is that what they call us retired Twitters who used to Twit but quit?Some Twit from the U.K. on Apr 23
   * Yeah, sorta like Simple Roy. He's a retired twit........Clippy on Apr 23
    *I love you too, you still practising twat.Simple roy on Apr 24
 * Yes, you can but you have to use netcat to do the TCP stuffDean Menezes on Apr 24
  Using wgetqbguy on Apr 24
   No, I have not tested it.qbguy on Apr 24
    * Twitter is for TWITS! I thought Unix was an animal with no sex.Clippy on Apr 26
     * No, that's eununchs LOLqbguy on Apr 26
SHELL ReplacementMarineDon on Apr 23
 Well call me dense, Don, I have no idea what you mean by it retrieves DOS exit code.Pete on Apr 23
  Well Dense,,, ;)...MystikShadows on Apr 23
   Well at least you spelled it right and didn't call me Denise...Pete on Apr 23
    LOL....Of course I know why.....;)MystikShadows on Apr 23
     Gotcha. But easier to just trap it and send it to a database...Pete on Apr 23
    Addendum,,,,If I called you Denise....MystikShadows on Apr 24
     Well then you can call me Betty...Pete on Apr 24
  * Yeah, Chaney can return his own error codes through torture!Clippy on Apr 23
 Do you realize Ethan is still alive? I emailed him last year........Clippy on Apr 23
Some news I thought might be interestingPharoah on Apr 22
 Forgot to add, there's an HTML paint app that produces QML *(URL)Pharoah on Apr 22
Bingo BallsDon on Apr 22
 Didn't you like my last answer?Clippy on Apr 22
  Could not find this programDon on Apr 23
   I sent you the SUB code after I figured out who you were.Clippy on Apr 23
Problems running QBX.EXE under XPBill Kaszeta on Apr 21
 Edit CONFIG.NT, not config.sysqbguy on Apr 21
  * Never heard anything about editing Config.NT for PDS. Since when?Clippy on Apr 21
   He says he needed something in CONFIG.SYS earlierqbguy on Apr 21
 All is wellBill Kaszeta on Apr 21
  Good to knowClippy on Apr 21
Qbasic problemDon on Apr 21
 First, the balls only need the numbers. The cards use the letters.Clippy on Apr 21
Controlling RS232 linesAnders on Apr 21
 &H378 is a Parallel port base addressClippy on Apr 21
 USB ports and RS 232 interfacingAncient Brit on Apr 21
  Think about it..............Clippy on Apr 21
  Further ThoughtsAncient Brit on Apr 21
   * Yeah, QB cannot access the USB yet, but somebody might find a way.Clippy on Apr 21
    Thanks ClippyAncient Brit on Apr 21
     OPEN COM cannot open 3 or 4, but OUT canClippy on Apr 21
Printing Graphics from QuickBasic Running in XPDavid Herron on Apr 20
 Windows 98 without an LPT port?Clippy on Apr 20
 The easiest way is to write your own sub which saves to a .bmp fileGalleon on Apr 20
  *I forgot the obvious solution... run the program in DOSBOX and get a screenshotGalleon on Apr 20
  TheBob has already done that for Screens 12 and 13. ^^0^^Clippy on Apr 20
   Can you send me the code?David Herron on Apr 21
 Easy to capture an MS-DOS full screen graphics... If you own a digital camera. (Or QB64)Pete on Apr 20
  Ha ha that thread is hillariousqbguy on Apr 20
   * Except you used the FLASH! How silly is that?Clippy on Apr 20
 Here are some sub programs for doing just that...TheBOB on Apr 20
I'll be away for about 10-days...Pete on Apr 19
 *what part is the joke? coming here at all, or just the part about bush?Michael Calkins on Apr 20
  The part about Texas becoming it's own country?Clippy on Apr 20
   I saw something on the news about Rick Perry running his mouth about something.Michael Calkins on Apr 20
    PA is trying to make all of our Interstates into toll roads.Clippy on Apr 20
Memo to those who may on Apr 19
 *Sorry for posting here, I thought was in the community cafe sectionBlondie on Apr 19
 See you in 10 days :)....MystikShadows on Apr 20
 *Have a good time in Crawford, Blondie (and say hello to Pete for me).TheBOB on Apr 20
  * He moved to Houston I believe.Clippy on Apr 20
 Are you going through the San Antonio area?Michael Calkins on Apr 20
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/Help! on Apr 18
 Answers to #1Anonymous on Apr 18
  All wrong except for Pascalqbguy on Apr 18
   * PS for the programing questions, go write it yourselfqbguy on Apr 18
   * According to your capitalizations it would be BASPIC, :P lolClippy on Apr 18
   While we're on the topic of Fortran... (*URL)Artelius on Apr 18
   I deleted qbguy's answers, although it may already be too late.Solitaire on Apr 19
    * Yep, cheaters don't say thanks either!Clippy on Apr 19
 * Please post your dumbascii questions at QBStation. This forum is for smartascii's, only.Pete on Apr 19
 *here you go...(url)Michael Calkins on Apr 20
Network54 has a new version of its awad winning forum software in the works...Pete on Apr 17
 The N54 Help Forum is useless!Clippy on Apr 17
  I disagree...Pete on Apr 17
   Well who'd a thunk... The beta has been delayed...Pete on Apr 17
    * They can't fix the old stuff. So why EVEN try to use new stuff?Clippy on Apr 17
Compiling large filesJoseph on Apr 15
 * This may sound queer, but how BIG is it thar Joe?Clippy on Apr 15
  about 400kbJoseph on Apr 15
   I'd break it into about 5 or 6 modulesClippy on Apr 15
    data filesJoseph on Apr 15
     Easier than COMMONClippy on Apr 15
      tryingJoseph on Apr 15
       *CHAIN isn't implemented in QB64 yetGalleon on Apr 15
        Perhaps it will NEVER have to be?Clippy on Apr 15
   Email me the 400kb .BAS file Joseph...Galleon on Apr 15
    Yes Galleon, that would surely help to relieve large module problems!Clippy on Apr 15
 i had same problemmike on Apr 16
  You should always structure your programs regardless.Clippy on Apr 18
 I should make this a sticky post...Pete on Apr 16
  * Why not a LINK.EXE How to in the FAQ?Clippy on Apr 16
   I'll probably get around to doing so...Pete on Apr 17

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