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Use of interruptsJack Cain on Apr 14
 I'm not quite clear on what you want to doArtelius on Apr 14
  InterruptsJack Cain on Apr 14
   There is a FREE OUT for VB and NETClippy on Apr 14
   More questionsArtelius on Apr 15
    InterruptsJack Cain on Apr 15
     Interrupts IIIJack Cain on Apr 15
      HmmArtelius on Apr 15
 * Qbasic was not written to guide the Space Shuttle!NASA on Apr 14
HOW TO switch between Qbasic files and keep the variables?BIG BILLY on Apr 14
 Either way, your going to have to pass the list of variables.Clippy on Apr 14
 *perhaps use QB64?Michael Calkins on Apr 14
  * Yeah, QB64 could work with one BIG module perhaps. QB64.NETClippy on Apr 14
 You not a big bully... you a big dummy...Fred Sanford. on Apr 14
  Sure hope those Socialist Postal workers are there till midnite tonight :)Clippy on Apr 14
Flight Planthoffner on Apr 13
 *What was the program for, exactly?Artelius on Apr 13
  *9/11?amaso on Apr 14
   * I don't think we should go there fella!Clippy on Apr 14
 Flight Planthoffner on Apr 16
3DS Model viewer/loaderTheSamuraiElephant on Apr 12
 Nice to hear updates from people who used to be regulars at this forum.Solitaire on Apr 12
  thanks :)TheSamuraiElephant on Apr 12
  I'm very interested in a 3DS viewer (dots/wireframe ok), but I get loading errors...Galleon on Apr 12
   RE: 3D3D error message.TheSamuraiElephant on Apr 13
LoopingCedrice on Apr 10
 Where do you want the loop?Clippy on Apr 11
  LoopCedrice on Apr 11
   Place ONE INPUT #1 statement in the LOOPClippy on Apr 11
* I spotted Mystik @ Pete's site todayClippy on Apr 9
What's happening when you don't pass a user defined type to CALL INTERRUPT?Galleon on Apr 9
 Interrupt requires a TYPE defined in QB.BIClippy on Apr 9
  Galleon probably already knows how CALL INTERRUPT worksqbguy on Apr 9
 just guessingMichael Calkins on Apr 9
  That's probably itqbguy on Apr 9
 In QB 7.1 it behaves differently in the IDE and compiledqbguy on Apr 9
  Example of "random output"qbguy on Apr 9
   *Who the heck is Gallon? (The guy who posted that data)Galleon on Apr 9
    * He's also known as Litre3.785411784qbguy on Apr 9
  Thank you for that info qbguyGalleon on Apr 9
   So then implementing it in the generated C source could be done with a castqbguy on Apr 9
    * Sure looks like what I said!Clippy on Apr 9
   Does that mean that variables passed to INTERRUPT have to be in the emulated DBLOCKqbguy on Apr 9
    In short, NoGalleon on Apr 10
   Array descriptorsqbguy on Apr 9
    *Thank you for the information about array descriptors & calculations qbguy!Galleon on Apr 10
 Galleon, have you ever tried the Basic Compiler's /A option?Artelius on Apr 9
  Thank you for that valuable information Artelius, I didn't know about the /A option!Galleon on Apr 10
give me a answer plz!!Shunan on Apr 8
 *QB7.1Galleon on Apr 9
QBASICJakatra on Apr 8
 That is a legitimite question, well done!Ben on Apr 8
HelloLouise on Apr 7
 Microsoft does have it in the olddos.exe at the ftp site...Pete on Apr 7
 You can get QB4.5 at QbasicStationClippy on Apr 7
  * It is just not legal to download it. (I didn't know QBS was a Warez affiliate.)Pete on Apr 7
   * I must confess, it is me. Been there 2 years already!Clippy on Apr 7
    Well if I was Jack, I'd take the link down.Pete on Apr 7
     If it ever becomes a problem, I can take it downClippy on Apr 7
     Pete, regarding QB64 and full screen...TheBOB on Apr 7
      For the new monitor...Pete on Apr 7
       *Dumb! I knew that, of course, but it never occurred to me for some reason.TheBOB on Apr 7
        Incidentally...TheBOB on Apr 7
        Don't beat yourself up over it. Allternative, edit your post to: Pete, you're a genius!Pete on Apr 7
         LOL I still have that program too...........poor Bob :)Clippy on Apr 7
          *It wouldn't hurt my feelings, Clipster -- the program laid an egg.TheBOB on Apr 8
           *Hmmmmmmm. I guess it wasn't a rooster lol.Clippy on Apr 8
Well at least we have some good news about Network54...Pete on Apr 5
 Glad you finally admitted that. I was going bonkers, lolClippy on Apr 5
  * There shouldn't be a period between "that" and "I" in your post.Satire Police on Apr 5
   There IS! Don't tell me you are going blind too..Clippy on Apr 5
    * Not 'should,' 'shouldn't.' Here, let's try it this way <font='10^6'>SHOULDN'T</font>I Doctor on Apr 5
     *That reminded me of Mac - exactly the kind of thing that would have confused him :-)TheBOB on Apr 6
      * Yep, and I confused him all the time too! I got what Pete meant.Clippy on Apr 6
       Now N54 will NOT allow me to post links! I hate this crap!ow N54 will NOTClippy on Apr 7
        I just posted the problems we've been having with hyperlinks to the N54 forum.Pete on Apr 7
         * I cannot even use a .com in the title either now.Clippy on Apr 7
          * - but It's probably personal but I wouldn't take it personally. ;), D Central on Apr 7
 Hey, hyperlinks are HTMLForum Placement Police on Apr 5
Problem on qbasicComputerx on Apr 5
 Keyboard Scankeys?MarineDon on Apr 5
  Blast it Don, you just ruined any chance of my sister-in-law joining the forum!Pete on Apr 5
 It's probably a keyboard layout issueArtelius on Apr 5
  * Yeah, I think he is using the UK keyboardqbguy on Apr 5
   * Does that mean his drive is on the left side? Well anyway, here is a URL...Pete on Apr 5
    LOL @ "make Qbasic an Administrator!". Isn't Pete bad enough?Clippy on Apr 5
Computer Science 20 HelpDemosthenes on Apr 3
 Re: Computer Science 20 HelpTim on Apr 3
 You came pretty close to getting it right...Pete on Apr 3
Math problemKrzys on Apr 2
 What?qbguy on Apr 2
  Math problemKrzys on Apr 2
   * Go look up "subset sum" and "knapsack problem" on Wikipediaqbguy on Apr 2
    Math problemKrzys on Apr 3
 * Sounds like homework to me! SUBMIT YOUR CODE for help!Clippy on Apr 2
  QBasic is still tought in schools?Iain on Apr 2
   * Apparently in Poland, but I don't help cheaters!Clippy on Apr 2
    Re: * Apparently in Poland, but I don't help cheaters!Krzys on Apr 4
     * MORE important! Where is YOUR homework CODE?Clippy on Apr 4
      Re: * MORE important! Where is YOUR homework CODE?Krzys on Apr 4
       READ the Homework Link at top of Forum! We don't help slackers.Clippy on Apr 4
        What this forum is and is not about...Pete on Apr 4
         Re: What this forum is and is not about...Krzys on Apr 5
          This is actually amusingArtelius on Apr 5
          Did he just call us stupid or what? :-PClippy on Apr 5
          Well.... In Soviet Russia..., D Central on Apr 5
           Solutionqbguy on Apr 5
            * What does that code have to do with QB? Or are you going camping?Clippy on Apr 5
            * What is that ((stuff()))Ben on Apr 5
             * Schemeqbguy on Apr 5
             * LOL @ ((stuff)) Thank you Ben. :)Pete on Apr 5
         I think you have the wrong understanding.Ben on Apr 5
          Wikipediaqbguy on Apr 5
*You know what ths forum needs? Hot wings. Not 'warm wings' hot wings!April Phools on Apr 1

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