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Challengeqbguy on Apr 1
 Must I optimize everything you do?Pete on Apr 1
 *Brain [teaser] is good fun :) Yeah, Pete edited out an optimized word for teaser.Pharoah on Apr 2
  *...which also happens to be the actual name of an esoteric programming langauge.Pharoah on Apr 3
What is the QB Library name that holds the InterruptX procedure?Clippy on Apr 1
 * QB.libPete on Apr 1
  * QBX.lib in QB 7.1qbguy on Apr 1
Lost in Cyberspace... and the question is...Karnac the Magnificent on Mar 31
 * Did you try looking on Uranus captain?Spock on Mar 31
  * Silly Vulcan, Klingons are on Uranus.Tricks are for Kids on Mar 31
   * You're right Captain! Even in the mysik shadows there!Bones on Mar 31
ProgramPas Kris on Mar 31
 To do it right is about 85 lines of code. What do you need this for?Pete on Mar 31
  *Yeah I wanna see how you automatically enter 2nd month digit.Clippy on Mar 31
   There is only a partial solution for that...Pete on Mar 31
    * Which makes me wonder if DATE$ might be all he needs.Clippy on Mar 31
     *Maybe. Anyway I posted an example in that forum we use for that.Pete on Mar 31
 * INPUT requires you to press the ENTER key!Clippy on Mar 31
  *I think he knows that and wants a way around it. I'll provide it when he replies.Pete on Mar 31
 To mozna wykombinowac uzywajac INKEY$Artelius on Mar 31
  * Oh great, a Warsaw Coder in Kangaroo Court., D. Central on Mar 31
   I thought it was CzechMarineDon on Mar 31
    I didn't use the Polish-specific letters because this forum doesn't support UnicodeArtelius on Apr 1
     April first is over so..................................Clippy on Apr 1
 Computerqbguy on Mar 31
  * WHY do you continue to do that? Pete was gonna do that!Clippy on Mar 31
   Honestly? I think he does it to get a rise out of you! ;)Pete on Mar 31
    Simplified version by Pete (*URL)qbguy on Mar 31
     * P.S. Linuxqbguy on Mar 31
      * B.S. Linus!Clippy on Mar 31
       * X.D Edsger W. Dijkstra!qbguy on Apr 1
     * LOL (And they used to think I was the A.I. around here.)Pete on Mar 31
    * Sure, blame me! I'm gonna GIT that thar wascal! :-)Clippy on Mar 31
    But on a side note.. When the hell do they wake up in Poland?Pete on Mar 31
     * try freebasicBen on Mar 31
      No Way BabyMarineDon on Mar 31
      Same here, I'd rather hit my head with a hammer.Pete on Mar 31
       Freebasic is goodBen on Mar 31
        Yeah, FreeBasic Rules...Pete on Apr 1
     They wake up the SAME time! Except they are on OTHER side of world.Clippy on Mar 31
  ProgramKrzys on Apr 2
   * Use SUB procedures. They only use memory when run.Clippy on Apr 2
 It's a bit lateDavid on Apr 7
  Re: It's a bit lateKris Pas on Apr 8
   Kris returned. 2 routines you can use...Pete on Apr 8
    OH, let us all rejoice that the Slacker has returned.Clippy on Apr 8
     You have him confused with the other non-English speaking poster.Pete on Apr 8
      * Am I? His email is the same! <>Clippy on Apr 8
       My apology, he is the same poster :(Pete on Apr 8
Is this forum copyrighted?drew on Mar 28
 Legal, probably, but ethical...TheBOB on Mar 29
 ALL content is Copyrighted! N54's Rights to posted content...................Clippy on Mar 29
 Not legal or ethical...Pete on Mar 29
  I hereby release all my postings of over seven years of age to the public domainIain on Apr 2
   * According to your post, you just turned 14?Clippy on Apr 2
 Depends on what you're doing.London on Mar 29
  He suggested that he was gonna TAKE our Forum data somewhere ELSE!Clippy on Mar 29
  It doesn't need to have anything in the TOS about qoutes...Pete on Mar 29
   The TOS was to protect N54 from copyright issues.London on Mar 29
    Even your stupid ideas about this are copyrighted!Clippy on Mar 29
     Sorry, but no.London on Mar 30
      Favors the public?qbguy on Mar 30
       Berne Convention does not apply to internet, see WIPO insteadLondon on Mar 30
        * Don't worry! Yours are safe here, lol..........Clippy on Mar 30
        That sounds rightqbguy on Mar 30
     *Come on Clippy, please try to argue the topic and not pic on the poster.Pete on Mar 30
    But London... most taggers don'r pack that much spray paint...Pete on Mar 30
     *Doesn't Tommy Tutone have that copyright?London on Mar 30
      * London, I've got your number ;)Pete on Mar 30
 * lol wow, thanks guysdrew on Mar 30
  Just what did you have in mind anways?London on Mar 30
   * Drew? He just needed ONE person to say "go ahead", lolClippy on Mar 30
    *lol how do you know me that well?drew on Apr 3
   drew recently suggested that we change hosts and write our own forum softwareArtelius on Mar 30
    *Ahhh, then the others are right. My notions of referencing would not apply here.London on Mar 30
     * Ahhhhhh! You finally got it.......................Clippy on Mar 30
   * I recently bought a domain and was trying out forum conversion with PHP and SQLdrew on Apr 3
 *Feel free to quote any of my posts in whole or in part, as long as reference is given.Michael Calkins on Apr 9
UntitledEnviroment variables on Mar 27
 Batch file to read Windows settings with SETClippy on Mar 27
 Environment variables are ancient, and they still workTim on Mar 27
  ENVIRON$ works better on NT (XP) machinesClippy on Mar 27
  Re: Environment variables are ancient, and they still workMichael Calkins on Mar 27
   * According to QB Help, all changes to the table are reset upon END.Clippy on Mar 27
A little late but...Sai on Mar 26
 Never to late to read a thank you...Pete on Mar 26
Sorting out Sorting!qbguy on Mar 24
 Parts 3 and 4qbguy on Mar 24
 *Oh man, that music is burning my brainLondon on Mar 25
Qbasic cannot run compressed QB4.5 code.Clippy on Mar 24
 Always use QB Fast LOAD and SAVE to save your files!Pete on Mar 25
Vista and Qbasic?Navist on Mar 23
 *Face it.........Vista sucks! Go back to XP32 or wait for Windows 7Clippy on Mar 23
  *Forget Windows 7. It uses the same Vista engine and won't be any more compatible with QBSolitaire on Mar 23
   Your right! At this time, your ONLY decent alternative is FB! :(Clippy on Mar 23
    The first "Your" should be "You're."Punctuation Police on Mar 24
     * Sorry Teach!Clippy on Mar 24
      Speaking of grammarBlondie on Mar 25
       *R. U. Cerious on Mar 25
 Make sure you have the latest version of DOSBOXArtelius on Mar 23
 i can run qbasic in vistamike on Mar 25
  *Any 16-32 bit M$ OS will natively run QB, but 64-bit computers and 64-bit OS's won't.Pete on Mar 25
  LOL @ potentially dangerous! Gates would call it DEADLY.Clippy on Mar 25
  mike: Can you run QB in full screen in Vista?Solitaire on Mar 26
   It's not a secret, you just change the video driver. (use an XP driver.)Pete on Mar 26
    Whenever I use a Windows computer, it usually gets a fast boot to the main screen.qbguy on Mar 27
   no i cannot...mike on Mar 26
    If you are having problems running full screen modes on 32Clippy on Mar 26
Old QB prog needs code changeDonaldG on Mar 23
 * Decompilers don't exist, sorryTim on Mar 23
  Re: * Decompilers don't exist, sorryDonaldG on Mar 23
 Those darn dongles are hard to find theses days.......Clippy on Mar 23
 Optionsqbguy on Mar 23
 Perhaps IDA Pro will helpArtelius on Mar 23
  * Oh well, he probably left when Clippy said there were no QBASIC decompilersqbguy on Mar 23
   *I'm not convinced that was ClippyArtelius on Mar 23
   * WHAT part of TIM don't you understand? Blame QBguy!Clippy on Mar 23
    * OK, Sorry.qbguy on Mar 23
  IDA Pro infoDonaldG on Mar 24
   Which begs me to ask, what was the "dongle" connected to?Clippy on Mar 24
    * He actually did that in his original postqbguy on Mar 24
     I know where my "Dongle" is connected! But I need something to connect to.Clippy on Mar 24
    dongle needsDonaldG on Mar 27
     You can fake the dongle being there but...........Clippy on Mar 27
      It is NOT THEFTDonaldG on Mar 27
       It is NOT THEFT part 2DonaldG on Mar 27
        OK, I get it. You can use VB6 to read the dongle valuesClippy on Mar 27
       * nevermindClippy on Mar 27
        GO AWAYDonaldG on Mar 27
        *Nobody has asked anyone to REWRITE the programArtelius on Mar 27
   Progress reportArtelius on Mar 25
    A few more commentsArtelius on Mar 27
     * Maybe it's just me, but I'd avoid anything named "dongle." Good luck with it.Pete on Mar 27
      Avoiding the donglesDonaldG on Mar 27
       other possibilitiesMichael Calkins on Mar 27
       Is it possible to use a USB adapter cable or device that has external legacy ports?Solitaire on Mar 28
        Interesting ideaDonaldG on Mar 28
         Please post results at the top of the forum if you do obtain such a device.Solitaire on Mar 29
          URL number?qbguy on Mar 29
          How does your cable work Solitaire?Clippy on Mar 29
           I never actually got around to using it.Solitaire on Mar 29
    Thank youDonaldG on Mar 27
     Progress report from OPDonaldG on Apr 1
      * To access ports on XP or NT with 98 programs, you need PortTalk.Clippy on Apr 4
Presto. Watch me make QBasic disappear!Pete on Mar 22
 Re: qbasic disappearqbguy on Mar 22
  Thanks for testing it out. I always wanted a QB solution to lock files but...Pete on Mar 22
 How DO you change the icon?Artelius on Mar 22
  XP has a customize tab under properties...Pete on Mar 22
   *I'm not using XP so it won't work for meArtelius on Mar 22
    *Can't afford good stuff? Try the new Simulated Human Intelligent Technology from Windows.Pete on Mar 22
     *Yeah, that stuff's the ----Artelius on Mar 22
 * Kirk was not an actor, but Bill Shatner is captain.Nimoy on Mar 22
 Another approach --- Backup Qbasic folderMoneo on Mar 23
 Why not just ZIP the folder and HIDE it?Clippy on Mar 23
  Re: Why not just ZIP the folder and HIDE it?Moneo on Mar 23
Fastest way to emulate REDIM PRESERVEQlink on Mar 20
 * Make the array large enough in the first place.Clippy on Mar 20
  Re: * Make the array large enough in the first place.*Obviously that is not an option on Mar 20
   *Dammit, I always do that :(Qlink on Mar 20
 * Rewrite your program in C and use malloc and reallocqbguy on Mar 20
  *...I'd rather write it in Python, but I'm restricted to QB for this oneQlink on Mar 20
   * Using a random access file would workqbguy on Mar 20
    *That's not a bad idea, they're cached in memory anyway, I think.Qlink on Mar 20
  *Darn it you always come up with the EASY way QBG!Clippy on Mar 20
 I've cludged this together, it suits my purpose pretty well:Qlink on Mar 20
 Dynamic arraysArtelius on Mar 20
A difficult question: DOS emulators and a QB programMichael on Mar 20
 * PAGE NOT FOUND error to link supplied! New URL to v8Clippy on Mar 20
 The OPEN line you refer to is for Output.Clippy on Mar 20
  Thanks! Problem solved!Michael on Mar 20
LoopingShell on Mar 19
 * Just place the PRINT # or WRITE # in a FOR i = 1 TO 20 loopClippy on Mar 19

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