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FCM 36 tracks. Data help needed for 3D printing.

March 19 2016 at 4:04 AM
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Tomas Enerdal  (Entrer Tomas_Enerdal)
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Dear All.
I have this old H&K35 1/35 resin kit of the FCM 36. (I believe the brand was also called NKC) It seems to be the same as Steven Zaloga built and has shown here on ML gallery; The molds has been acquired, or copied, by Azimut in France so one may say that it is available in a way.
The tracks seem to be unique to this tank. The original kits came with resin tracks molded in a soft quality of resin, the idea was that they should be wrapped around the chassis of the tank. The problem is that they detoriate with age and disintegrate. They were also poorly cast with mold shifting and lots of flash and air bubbles.
Otherwise the kit is very nice considering how early it was as a kit and it seems to be generally very detailed and accurate. Those resin kits must be rather rare these days; the originals are probably only to be found in real enthusiasts stashes, I guess.
I have become very enthusiastic about the possibilities with 3D printing and (of course) have the new H39 kit by Niels H/ETS35.
Now here opens the possibility to fix that track problem of this old kit! I have asked Niels to accept a commission to design tracks for this kit, and he has agreed. My idea is to have them printed the same way as the H39 tracks, i.e. indy link but printed assembled. (They will of course be available at ETS35/Shapeways.)
But to be able to do this properly, I/we need help with dimensions of the track itself. I don’t know of any plans, 1/35 or otherwise. There is a real tank in Saumur but since I live in Sweden it’s not easily accessible to me.
Is there anyone out there who knows if there is actual blueprints of the real ones somewhere, or if anyone has made measurements of the Saumur one? Any help deeply appreciated!
Best regards,
Tomas Enerdal
(sorry if I violate the netiquette, but I post this request on the Allied page, too)

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