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Thanks for the support, but...

by Les Lazaruk (no login)


I don't need protection from Board Moderators. I've taken my share of cheap shots from fans in 20-plus years of being in the sports media.
As for the posters taking the shots, the original question on this thread was when are the Blades going to trade and/or release Justin Keller?
Based on a news release from the team, which is where any of the Saskatoon media would get their information, we were told he had been released. The assumption is that anyone could then pick him up. But, in reading these posts, you are saying that he is still on the 50-player protected list. News to me, but don't get upset if I choose to check it out with the team first...I've never had reason to mistrust any information source within the organization...from Jack Brodsky to Brent McEwen to the coaching staff to the public relations and marketing staffs. Checking out a tip or unsubstantiated statement is what my job is about when working for the three radio stations I am employed by (no, I don't work for the Blades.)
I will check on this and will reply to this board and to individual e-mails concerning this matter. As I've always said on this board, the bladesvoice@hotmail.com address of mine is open to questions...and I will answer as soon as I can.
I don't hide and I don't lie...been that way for 20-plus years!


Posted on Oct 9, 2002, 12:43 AM

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