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by Frustrated!! (no login)


I think what most people find annoying about you is how cocky you come across all the time!! Even in your message about you not having to post on here, you said that "I just think several people from the white board get pissed off at me cause I am right alot of the time and I voice my opinion clearly." Have you ever considered that it's not that, it's how you argue everything because you have to be right all the time and can't handle it if you aren't. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion it's just your belief that you are always right. You've crossed a lot lines on the boards you post on and I don't blame them for getting rid of you.

Your fight with Blades Enforcer the other day had no place on the board ... if you felt it necessary to attack him, take it to email, not here where Dozer is just trying to keep this a civil board that is hockey related, not somewhere where you can try to prove that you are a 'hockey god'!

A lot of other people have insider knowledge but they don't rub it in other people's faces like you seem to do all the time! I seem to remember something on the white board a while back, you posted something about the Lucky trade being a hoax and demanded that the post be removed. Sometimes the official announcements aren't made right away and so maybe you should have thought a little bit and waited to see if an announcement was going to be made instead of flipping out and trying to prove you are the BLADES KNOW IT ALL!

I think you have abused your rights on a lot of boards and am tired of it.

Maybe you need to grow up and seriously think about your actions because any credibility you had is going out the window and fast!

Posted on Oct 26, 2003, 1:50 PM

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  1. Here's what I think. Pirate, Oct 26, 2003, 6:11 PM
  2. man beautifuly said. Anonymous, Oct 29, 2003, 5:26 PM

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