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Take off the rose colored glasses Blade Enforcer

by Round John (no login)


Your passion is clear.

Of course there were no nine 20's in camp, however because McEwen handled the 20 situation so badly it became a revolving door of one guy in then shipped out another guy brought in then he gets shipped out. Eventually we were stuck with the cast offs, and dregs from other teams.

Showcasing a 20! You've got to be kidding. By the time a player is a 20 in the WHL every GM worth his weight should know exactly what a 20 year old brings to the table you don't need to showcase them.

Yes you want the best 20's and a GM doing a proper job should have the field cut down to those three pretty quickly.

Blade Enforcer talk to some people who know what happened with this team last year.

Clearly the 20's should have been Mann, Huxley, and Jaeger. Jaeger was the best goaltender in camp and added leadership, Huxley provided leadership, grit, hustle, toughness and brought a positive attitude everyday. Mann would have been the powerplay leader an offensive defenseman with a booming shot and quiet leadership. His injury was unfortunate but they happen.

Endicott was brought to town because Red Deer was making a move with their 20's and Endicott became expendable as the weakest of the Rebel bunch, so a castoff from another team was better than what we had? Doesn't sound like the GM doing a proper job in the first place does it?

Huxley should never have been dealt, it was a mistake by the GM.

Riddle, Lucky and Cara were all cast offs and dregs from other teams. They added nothing except problems in the dressing room.

Posted on Sep 9, 2004, 10:26 AM

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