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CLASSICS FOR UAE - this classic site has now turned to a MORTUARY

October 2 2003 at 10:07 AM
from IP address

No downloads anymore.

Allan L. if you don't have the games for download don't cheat people by those fake links!

option value="" in all those links in the source code!
Big Bro' is watchin' ya!

Dont fool us.

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justme again

not even the news work for that so-called final statement!

October 2 2003, 10:10 AM 

oh well

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justme even again

figured it out ... enable java

October 2 2003, 10:13 AM 

not possible on my office pc..therefore i could see nada..

f**k java
applets suck

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just me even more again

for non javans...

October 2 2003, 10:14 AM 

here the "hacked" text taken from a file linked internally:

Classics For UAE is now retired and this is the final update.

Back in '96 when Classics For UAE went online it was one of very few Amiga-emulation sites which featured downloadable games. For a period of time this site and a few others achieved cult status in the Amiga emulation scene because it was one of the only places to go and look for those rare classics - hence the very to-the-point title of the website. At its prime it consistently received more than 5000 hits each day which was impressive considering its size, contents, and the fact that this was back in '96.

Since then a lot of the small emulation websites have disappeared - replaced by large websites. Back then the only large emulation websites were "Dave's Video Game Classics" (aka. "The Vintage Gaming Network") and "Zophar's Domain". Because they were already large back then, these are among the very few survivors these days.

Oh...I must not forget "Emulators Unlimited", which my site was actually one of the very first to link to.

Anyway, because I did not want to expand my website, and I did not want to join one of the larger ones, I basically lost interest in maintaining it sometime in the beginning of '99. At that time my message forum "Emulation Talk" had become quite popular, so I decided to stop updating Classics For UAE but keep it online as well as the message forum.

Now, however, I am forced to move the site because I've switched my ISP and the webspace I used will soon be deleted. Therefore, I thought I might as well use the occasion to retire the site properly and write this final message.

The site will remain at this address permanently, for nostalgic reasons, because whenever I browse through the now very out-dated links section I remember all those great old sites, and can't help smiling and thinking about how things were when we first started.

Things aren't bad now...but some of the magic is gone.

- Allan Lindqvist a.k.a. Alfie

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Classics for UAE

October 2 2003, 11:35 AM 

Hiya There,

I Knbow what you mean about "Classics for USE" but this is an old site and does not get updated often.
My respect goes out to Alan, who, although no longer has the time to run the site, still (even now) pops into Emutalk to see how things are going. PLEASE remember if it wasn't for Alans site Emulation talk would have never existed.

There are plenty of other game sites around, and even Emulation Talk forum has a games search engine, so I think all the games listed on Alans site can be found using that.

I do wish Alan could have kept his site going but alas, all things must come to an end.

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I thought it was dead already......

October 2 2003, 8:17 PM 

As far as I was aware it hadn't been updated for years and as far as I was aware it was already dead.

Oh well.


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justme: everybody already moved on to planetemu.net except you

October 2 2003, 9:08 PM 


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October 3 2003, 4:14 PM 

you serious dude?

got a glance @ this old tosec set they offer already?
its about 0.18 or 0.19 and we now have 0.27

i wanna see planetemu upgrade their stone-old collection and then i will come there again

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