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March 1 2003 at 3:29 PM
sansuw rebel  (no login)
from IP address

Over the past few months, there have been references to Father/Son relationships. I'm speaking of only platonic relationships that simply imply a comfortable friendship in which sons and fathers can discuss ANY topic, and knowingly share FB'ing or nudity.

My parents were very reserved, and believe it or not, in all my years growing up, I never saw my Dad naked. I wasn't aware of my orientation back then, but I remember really wanting to see his dick. Well, needless to say, there was never any father/son talk about going without underwear or sleeping nude - It was just understood and not questioned that underwear and bedtime clothes of some kind were worn. In fact, there were times my older brothers were reprimanded verbally for going shirtless inside the house.

Are there any stories, feelings, fantasy, or experiences that you Freeballing Forum guys want to share with this forum that demonstrate a Father/Son relationship which generates a fulfilling and lasting male bonding?

I'll enjoy and respect your thoughts. Thanks.

sansuw rebel

mike mercer
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March 1 2003, 9:12 PM 

My dad and I had (have) a great relationship. There isn't anything we can't talk about. We both liked to go to the same nude beach years ago. We both freeball, and have for years. Sometimes, his "old school" upbringing will still come up. And he will say "Don't you have any Shame?" haha. But that's mostly in reference to my not being shy. When I got my PA, my sister wanted to see it. So I showed it to her. My Dad thought that was a bit much.

When I was first becoming sexually active, he took me aside. He told me all the things I needed to know, as well as talked to me about Masterbation when I was young. That it was OK, and every kid did it. "Just don't burn a hole in it kid" he would say. "Use lotion if you need to" . . .

Now, he's in his 70's. We still have a very open relationship. I know I can talk to him about any subject or situation, and he would give me his advice. He still lives in my home town, San Francisco, and I'm now 1400 miles away in Colorado, but we still talk on the phone a couple of times a week, and laugh about stuff going on in the world -- or stupid things we have done. I feel very lucky to have a dad who was very open and honest with me. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have a "silent" dad who never talked to me, like so many of my friends had.

I love my dad, and I tell him that often. I will miss him very much when he's gone.


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dads and sons

March 1 2003, 10:36 PM 

My dad has always been the "why don't you put some clothes on?" type. Naked? I can count on one hand the times I've seen him without a shirt! My son on the other hand admitted a few years ago to me and his brothers in law that he was a ftfb. We were shocked. I was the only one with the nerve to say "prove it". He did and it really got me to thinking. Then several months ago I discovered this site and a few others and decided to try it pt. I love it. I've been a pt time home nudist for many years. But that is even easier when freeballing to just step out of my jeans when I get home.

Bobby F.
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My wonderful dad

March 1 2003, 11:53 PM 

My dad and I have a wonderful relationship. He knows almost everything there is to know about me and things going on in my life. When it is nice weather, he and I play tennis quite a bit at a country club where he is a member and I have seen him naked in the showers and in the lockerroom (I can probably count on one hand the total number of times I've seen him totally naked at home)...of course, he's seen me naked all over the place. As for being attracted to my dad...not a chance. I'm attracted to guys closer to my age. I've never even had a sexual fantasy about my dad...and while he is in great shape and takes care of his body, seeing him naked does nothing for me.

cool beans boi
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March 2 2003, 12:45 AM 

I am an only child and my dad is my hero. He told me everything about life and now he is busting my butt at the gym 3 times a week to make the beans boy a stud LOL.
As a matter of fact he was the one that gave me the Cool beans boy, nickname. About 3 years ago when I was whining about something he just said "Cool your beans boy" I just laughed, my mom was there too. The name just stuck.


(Login cdadbr)

simmering beans

March 2 2003, 10:10 AM 

Chris, don't EVER let those bean go cold! Keep them "simmering" a little at least . . . and control the "boil overs" too. There will be times when those raging hormones will kick up the heat some, but keeping things under control and harnessing that energy can make life much more enjoyable and FUN for you and your g/f or future mate!


(Login cdadbr)


March 2 2003, 10:12 AM 

I did mean for "bean" to be "beans" . . .

Mpls freeballer
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March 2 2003, 12:34 AM 

Well, I for one haven't had the best relationship with Dad, but that wasn't for lack of trying! One-way street would describe it....

Anyway, when I brought up masturbation once with my dad, he said that God had a way of taking care of that with men and that it happened in the form of wet dreams, so I shouldn't. What a moron.

Anyway, with my two sons, my wife and I are pretty easy-going, they walk around naked at bathtime, without a care in the world. They like to wear jammy bottoms and t-shirts though, to bed, and son number one HAS TO wear underwear to bed or it doesn't feel ok for him. His younger brother and Dad (me) will have to wear him down eventually, but for now we respect that.
His mom and I are naked while getting ready in the morning and if they come upstairs and see us, well, we don't scramble to put clothes on and are accepting of each other. If people can't be naked comfortably in their own homes, where else is it possible ?

I am going to go the "it's all ok, man" with my sons when they get older, I think that acceptance is key. I just hope that they feel ok with coming to me with questions and concerns.

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Re: Dad

March 2 2003, 1:34 PM 

Way to go! That's what you call leading by example

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dads /sons

March 2 2003, 11:37 AM 

I had a great father, who was open and honset about teaching me about sex and his own comfort with his body. He was comfotable being naked in front of me,no rush to cover up, even saw him with a hardon once in awhile in the morning. his comment was "just a guy thing". I have raised my three sons much the same way. I have been honest and open in all of our talks about sex, which has resulted in them being open with me.
Yes, they see me naked, in fact the four of us will sit in the hot tub or swim naked more often than with suits on. My wife just says "the apples dont fall far from the tree".

(no login)

Re: dads /sons

March 2 2003, 1:57 PM 

It's perfectly natural for Dads and Sons to see each other naked and to talk. There is something wrong when Dads and Sons have to cover up around each other.

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Re: dads /sons

March 2 2003, 1:58 PM 

How old are your sons? Are they comfortable being naked around their Mom?

Hang Free
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Re: dads /sons

March 2 2003, 2:01 PM 

Do you and your Sons freeball and sleep naked?

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Me and my son

March 4 2003, 4:38 PM 

I have one son who is 11 y.o. Ny fanily practices home nudism (and hve been to many nude beaches and nude resorts). my son is used to seeing me (and my wife) naked and is very comfortable being naked in front of us...he is starting puberty, so i don't know if that will change anything, but I am almost sure (and hope) it won't

(no login)

me too

January 20 2005, 12:10 PM 

me too i was raised by my dad and saw him in the nude lots of time and as well as my brothers now that i am 28 and have a 18 yr old son he goes nude with me at home and is very open with me i am greatful for this and glad

(no login)


December 4 2010, 10:18 AM 

"i am 28 and have a 18 yr old son"
Do you lean you were 10 when you had your son? Or is it just a typo?


franco sawyer
(no login)

dad and sons

March 14 2012, 4:59 AM 

wow so natural to be naked with the nearest and dearest men are men and boys will be men nothing wrong between fathers and sons - my dad was very open and it was natural from the human being perspective considering that adam and eve wore fig keaves

(no login)

My Son and I being Naked

March 3 2003, 8:15 AM 

We are of the Finnish decent and take saunas for our baths. My son has always come in with me and we are naked while bathing. He still does to this day when he comes home for a visit. My wife doesn't mind.

My son has mentioned this to people he chats with and others, and they are just mortified that he saw his dad naked and they were both naked in the same room too.

He doesn't understand why they are so shy about nakedness but when you grow up to know it is ok, there is no problem.

(no login)

Re: Father/Son

March 3 2003, 9:46 AM 

I've never left a message with my son (or daughter) that bodies or any parts of them are sources of shame. I've always been a home nudist. I always took the kids to nude beaches with me. When I was married to her, my wife (not a home nudist) would accompany us.

While my son doesn't FB (boxers), he's also occasionally nude at home, usually goes from his room to the bath that way and sleeps nude. While not as much of a nudist as his father, I appreciate that he's not uptight about bodies either.

(no login)

Needed to see this post New father/son team here

December 4 2010, 10:14 PM 

I cant figure out how this came up first in todays post for me but so so glad it did. I am a father to a daughter, but now I am being daddy to a 4 yo boy my great nephew I have guardianship of. I have question for a long time about the acceptable amount of nudism I share with him. We still shower together after a year and half of him with me. He likes it cause not as boring. I like it cause makes things quicker for 1 shower to kill two stinks~ lol
I have been a home nudist for a long time and continued when B came to live with me. He has recently started following suite of sleeping nude when its just he and I. When he shares space with my daughter or ex he always chooses underwear unless prompted to get pjs. I freak at times cause he randomly has no shame and its at the most inopportune time..lol
I was extremely interested in the nude beach comments and resorts etc. I fully intend to introduce him to clothing opt beaches and camping this coming year. When we get moved back into my place then I will go back to clothing optional more often. Right now we are in mixed company of a very "traditional" woman and out daughter.
I do think its weird almost pedophilic to be sexual around children. I am very liberal but that goes beyond my comfort level. I have no issues with talking about sex when the time comes and etc. But I dont think I will ever share a jack off session! That is a bit beyond my comfort zone.
Thanks again to all the posters on this topic.

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