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Me And my Dad

September 27 2005 at 7:03 PM
Micheal  (no login)
from IP address

hey hows it going everybody, i just wanted to see if there are any other dads and sons out there that dont mind freeballing together or seeing a glimsp of each others package. Im 19 and i free ball all the time i liv with my dad and i sleep nude and during the day when i just get up i walk around in boxers, my dad sleeps nude and free balls and we see each other thigns all the time and it doesnt bother us were just 2 couple of guys. i mean when i come in from runnin around with friends at night Ill like go to the bathroom take a shower and come out aked and be like dad im going to bed see ya in the morn. and its no big deal i even be scratchin my balls when im sayin it lol but seriously do any other dads other share a free relationship with your sons?? or sons with your dads? also not being perverted or nothing but seriously, like if i masturbate and i do it while im in the rest room ill like cum in a towel and when im done my dad uses the same towel to cum on with my cum on it! i mean we are confident with our sexually we dont care!!

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am a dad with 1 son and 3 nephews

September 29 2005, 1:28 AM 

who i raise we are nudist and we freebsll all the time my nephew are nine 11 and 14 and 16 my son is 11 and we live in a home where door ar not even used privacy is some still in the book we dont hide anything hope you grow up well in thought and not take as a bad thing i am 29 having my son in my teens my girlfriend died at birth hope you have a great time being nude as i did growing up now teahing that the body is normal agreat to enjoy life the way we should have been free

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Re: Me And my Dad

October 3 2005, 4:19 PM 

i have a 14 y.o. old son. we both sleep nude and freeball (i do it 100% of the time, he about 50-60% of the time).
we see each other naked and it's not a big deal. my son has been raised a nudist and the first thing he does when he gets home from school is shed his clothes. we have a pool and skinnydip in there.
oh, my wife is also very casual about nudity.

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Re: Me And my Dad

October 8 2005, 12:26 PM 

Why bother with the boxers at all?

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Re: Me And my Dad

October 10 2005, 10:13 AM 

why walk around in boxers? if both of u freeball and are the only ones in the house, if i was u and ur dad, i would just stay naked all the time i am in the house...

Big Balled dad
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Dad with 3 sons here

October 19 2005, 10:28 AM 

Howdy all,
I'm your average dad who has 3 sons ages 18,17,16 were all very open about being naked, and very comfortable seeing each other. We have all seen each other hard, as well as masturbated with each other. Now wait before you start with your comments of that’s sick. This is not incest or anything sick like that, were just 4 men who enjoy each others company and are not inhibited by what others think is socially acceptable. We don’t hurt each other or anyone else for that matter. I did it with my father and to this day think that my dad is the greatest man alive. I think that only other men who have sons who have had the opportunity to experience this can understand. Its truly a wonderful bonding experience that you can only share with your son. It’s a great feeling to know that my sons don’t hide anything from me, nor do I worry that their doing something wrong. I bet most parents wish they had that kind of trust. If there are others out there whom also do this I would be interested in talking with you. Please feel free to e-mail me at kilbasadad@yahoo.com

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Joys of freeballing

October 21 2005, 5:25 PM 

I completely agree with your sentiments. There is nothing better and nicer than guys...Dads and sons being together naked at home and freeballing. My son of 15 and I are often naked together and also have masturbated together. I love to see him naked and have watched as his penis has developed. We have now decided to try shaving our pubic hairs and it will be great to compare notes.

Big Balled dad
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Rob Send me an E-mail

October 21 2005, 5:57 PM 

Rob would like to talk with you more drop me an e-mail at kilbasadad@yahoo.com

new to here
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Re: Dad with 3 sons here

March 18 2010, 2:31 AM 

wow!! I thought I was the only one (sorry including my 3 other male siblings) in the world who had this kinda experience.

my dad and I with 3 other brothers were had great time with this naked experience in the home, yeah, also my mom some time!

well, my dad taught us four everything, from cleaning (we are all uncircumcised and enjoy our foreskin fun!!), jerking, edging, to f**king and how to make girls fun!! he's the great man alive really!!

we all 4 bros had what our dad had, good looking face and body (which makes no question when people see us that we are from the same family), of course, muscular from our good work out too, and huge penis and balls, not all the same size, but no one less than 7 inch in our family. my dad himself got 8+ depends on how he felt (he passed away when he was 70 last few years)

my brothers and I have our own kids, which no surprise that all are men, so we raised our sons the same way as dad did to us. my 3 sons, 18, 17 and 15, they are all confident to be a man from their early ages. I think it's from how we raised them. and we have nothing to hide from each other, as my youngest son, just introduced his girlfriend to our family. we are quite open, when we are alone, without guests of course. since we've learned that what we've done in our family are quite weird for some other people, however, we have our friends who enjoy this free life, free balling things!!

we just have our boxers when we go to some formal events that we think it's unproper to let people see our bulges, and we always have pants (no undies, of course) on when there is a guess visits us, that's all!!

enjoy free balling, man!!

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Note 2-month rule

March 18 2010, 9:41 AM 

Welcome to Freeballers Forum but as noted in the crawl at the top we have a rule about reviving old threads from the archive.
This was instituted in response to complaints about old threads being brought back and disrupting current discussions.
If you wish to discuss a topic you see in the archive start a new thread about it.

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