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Why I like freeballing

June 21 2012 at 11:58 PM
Anonymous  (no login)
from IP address

Unlike most people, I don't enjoy freeballing for its comfort. I hardly notice a difference. I like it because:

1. Easier access in bathroom-In some pants I can even pee through the leghole!

2. Laundry-I enjoy having less laundry to do

3. $$$-Don't need to spend money on UW.

Why do you guys like it? (besides comfort)

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June 22 2012, 1:00 AM 

I forgot:
4. Cooler-I don't like it hot and sweaty in that region. (comfort means the fealing of the fabric and loosness)

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Nate The Great
(Login relover89)


June 22 2012, 1:12 AM 

I also enjoy all of the above things....

especially 1 and 4....

but I'll add

#5 the way shorts are while freeballing and then a breeze goes up them
#6 how sweats and trackpants feel while freeballing on your bare ass and also on your freely hanging penis and balls....
#7 at home how it feels to have shorts or pants fall a little bit below my ass and sag a bit...
#8 how overall much freedom there is even compared to boxers.....but ESPECIALLY briefs...

Bye Now

From Freeballing Nate Who insanely
loves the freedom and comfort of freeballing in LOOSE mesh shorts!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Also

June 26 2012, 6:55 PM 

I like ALL the above reasons, from 1 to 8...also, less pieces of clothing to put on in the morning and to take off at night (i sleep nude).
Years ago I decided that there is NO REASON AT ALL for an extra piece of clothing between my skin and my pats (or shorts)...Remember those Brooke Shields commercials "there is nothing between my Calvin and me"? I feel the same...UW must be the most useless piece of clothing humans have invented.

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I notice

June 22 2012, 1:15 AM 

I do... notice the difference, that is.

My dick hangs free and flops in loose shorts, like gym shorts.

My dick sticks out when it gets stimulated.

My dick swings against the fabric and feels good.

My dick is one layer of cloth nearer the outside world.

My dick peeks out when I do my stretching.

My dick sometimes clings to the side of my shorts when I sit down.

My dick is easier to touch (by accident) and feels good.

My dick bunches up when I drive and feels good.

Yeah. I notice, and so have a lot of other people.

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What do you do

June 22 2012, 2:19 AM 

Hey Nate and John,

I see that you find fb'ing very stimulating. Don't you get a lot of hard ons? And what do you do with them?

A very elementary question, I know, but it's one of my greatest public fears -- getting a very visible hard on in a mall or on the street. happy.gif

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Bob (in USA)
(Login TubaDawg)

Re: Stimulating

June 22 2012, 9:12 AM 

I love the stimulation and feeling of freeballing. After a while, my body adjusted to the sensations and I just enjoy the feeling. As far as erections, kind of the same thing. Really not a public issue; however, if I am at home, I handle the erection pretty much like the other guys do... Go with nature, clean up and move on.

If you become accustomed to freeballing on a regular basis HN, you probably won't sport a full blown erection (or a tent in your pants) in normal daily active situations. That has been my experience.

Some of the other members will weigh in on the subject. They've got great advice.

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Initially, yes

June 22 2012, 10:58 AM 

I'm uncut. So, when I pull my hood up, I'm super-sensitive. That's the mode I like, most of the time.

When you freeball, you do get stimulated and you do move in the general path for an erection. An erection actually happens with a combination of physical and mental stimulation so beginning freeballers will experience this more. Veteran freeballers will enjoy the state of partial erections because the mental part will be lessened over time.

Partial erections are OK. You are just aware and you enjoy the feeling of manhood. Just don't dwell on it and enjoy it. In that "state" (condition), you are not pushing your shorts/pants out in a super-obvious manner. You just have a nice shape and head shape that feels and looks manly and nice. It is not embarrassing at all and the few people that notice and look are 1) almost always guys, and 2) never, repeat, never, have given any negative looks. In fact, the opposite has been true - guys have given looks of approval and smiles. I've never been approached, though handling one would not pose any "problem" for me.

Of course, like most guys, probably, I've also had the full boners too. On several occasions I've had to use some object to help my guy rest. In a department store, I've carried around an item of clothing, as if I'm considering a purchase. In a Home Depot store, I've stayed at a location examining a tool or something... you can figure out what to do since guys experience this all the time. For freeballers, however, your clothing is usually thinner, lighter, or not. Some guys wear those heavier jeans or shorts/pants that have extra material with a zipper to help keep the little feller in check. I prefer as little cloth as possible covering my guy. As you can tell, I've done this for a while so my partials are just a good experience. In case your wondering, this takes about a year of freeballing to get more comfortable at handling the feelings in public. But every guy is different and age as well as experience come in to play.

This is only my experience. It feels good. I like the feelings. I, like other posters, enjoy being a man, and dealing with guy situations.

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Re: Why I like freeballing

June 22 2012, 2:23 AM 

I like freeballing for variation. I mostly wear boxers but for the last few weeks I've been freeballing at least once a week. In the past I used to do it for stimulative purposes (which is why I only did it in jeans to hide the obvious bulge), but lately I've been doing it for variation purposes and to face my fear of boners in public.

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June 22 2012, 6:33 AM 

Besides the comfort and all the other reason given by other posters....I like to freeball because it is easier to get ready for bed. I sleep nude. So drop two pieces of clothing and I have on the best sleepwear. Must confess that I am usually naked way before going to bed. But freeballing does make it easier.

Erections in public? If someone does notice one, I would think that they would not think much of it. Now if you start rubbing it thru your pants, that is a different matter. If you get one just start thinking of something unrelated. Like baseball scores or having to wash the car. Get you mind active on something non sexual.

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Re: Why I like freeballing

June 22 2012, 10:31 AM 

I wear very loose jeans and I love the way every thing has room to swing and move. Also it is alot cooler in summer.

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Almost a veteran

June 22 2012, 11:18 AM 

Well into my second year freeballing and enjoying my second Summer, I like the movement of air down there.

It was hot last week and, even freeballing, things were getting sweaty as I worked in front. I was wearing boxers (lounge-wear) and a longer muscle T. Since I was doing stand-up type of work, I just pulled my package out of the waistband so it could get more air and dry out. People passing my house never had a clue as we exchanged greetings. My guy liked the coolness. The closest I got to an erection was a semi and it only lifted the T-shirt a little. In relaxed mode, the head of my dick barely pops out of the bottom of the T. I was just careful not to raise my arms up, not even to wave to others (and there were at least a few people doing their walks). Most people just don't spend time looking down there at a guy. I'll certainly do it again in the future. Loose boxers are great.

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(Login Nafana)

Re: Why I like freeballing

June 22 2012, 3:01 PM 

I suppose I tried freeballing first out of curiosity to see what it felt like.
Then I did it because of it felt good and I thought it was fun being secretly "naked" in my pants at school and no-one knowing.
Now, after some 50 years of freeballing anything else would just feel weird.

. . . . .

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Re: Why I like freeballing

June 22 2012, 11:06 PM 

I DO enjoy freeballing for its comfort. The bonuses are:

1. Easier access in the bathroom.
2. Less laundry
3. $$$-no need tospend money on UW
4. Cooler

I have been freeballing for 50 yearsand NEVER go back.

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Alex Pustel
(Login alex.pustel)

RE: why i like freeballing.

June 27 2012, 12:24 PM 

Well I started out freeballing rite out of diapers. My parents only bought me 3 pairs the there thing when they stopped putting diapers on my was wear clean underwear or no underwear. I liked freeballing by kindergarten when I started dressing myself because it was something less I needed to put on. After that my parents stopped buying me underwear and I haven't owned a pair of underwear since 2nd grade.

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(Login Erections)

Re: why I like freeballing

July 18 2012, 1:16 PM 

Its more comfortable than wearing underwear

I have a back problem that FB makes it feel better. The elastic of the underwear stresses exactly where the pain is by pushing on it.

I like the stimulation and easy access.

This message has been edited by Erections from IP address on Jul 18, 2012 1:46 PM

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so many reasons ...

July 22 2012, 4:00 PM 

Pulling my pants on over my naked cock and butt (I like to do this with those areas still wet from bathing/showering so the pants fabric gets a bit damp too)
Feeling my cock moving around and the nob (foreskin always rolled back) rubbing on the inside of my pants and my leg
The way my nob sometimes sticks to my leg
Feeling my cock and balls through the pants fabric
Pushing my fingers through the button holes of button fly pants, getting skin contact with all parts of my cock, ballsac and pubes
Getting the smell on my cock on my fingers (doesn't last long - needs to be topped up frequently happy.gif)
The way the open fly frames my cock and pubes - looks much better with no uw in the way
Taking a piss and dropping my cock back in the open fly - sometimes shaking/wiping carefully, other times just dropping it back in as it is
occasionally feeling a drop of pre-cum land on my leg and run down
With zip fly pants: letting the inside of the zip rub on the underside of my nob (cock pointing upwards and inner placket of the fly folded back to expose the inside of the zipper)
Out and about with a few fly buttons unbuttoned, inner fly placket also folded back, enjoying the air flow on my cock which is right next to the fly opening. Watching other people for reactions and wondering whether they are noticing anything
Wearing old worn pants with holes, rips, or broken seams around the groin
Putting my cock into dirty, bad smelling pants (don't know why but it turns me on)
Letting my cock knock/rub on things (furniture, rails, store counters etc)
walking round hard, with the outline showing
Sitting on a cold seat (wood, metal, car seat etc), feeling the chill on your butt through thin pants. Or, in the car, pushing the pants down and feeling the cold seat on your butt
Driving with fly open during the day. Having a play, or positioning what shows, or just taking pot luck and showing what happens to show
At night, driving with fly open and cock and balls pulled out. Or with pants pushed down around ankles. Perhaps with shirt off too, so as good as naked
And best of all, being in the sun with pants off - hot sun feels different on your cock and balls to anywhere else on your body

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freeballing pete
(no login)

my reasons

July 22 2012, 4:39 PM 

Unlike most people, I don't enjoy freeballing for its comfort. I hardly notice a difference. I like it because:

first of all,, You hardly notice a difference?? I am very aware I am or am not wearing underwear. can you explain this please.

1. Easier access in bathroom-In some pants I can even pee through the leghole!
i pee oven the waistband of my underwear or shorts,never used the fly on my briefs so most of my briefs don't have a fly
2. Laundry-I enjoy having less laundry to do
never understood this one, are you not washing your outer clothes more often because you are not wearing underwear.
3. $$$-Don't need to spend money on UW. I have not purchased a pair in about four years, so yes on this one. When i buy its cheap briefs,I have about five white briefs and about five colored ones.

Why do you guys like it? (besides comfort) I think for me is the feeling of frabric of my clothing rubbing against my balls and penis, denim is kind of ruff. love to wear button fly shorts (and jeans) It seems more daring knowning that a button or two might become undone accidently (?) shorts with little inseam, also knowing that nobody know I am not wearing underwear and wondering if they notice I am not. having them sag.

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(Login openzipper)

need a co-pilot?

December 1 2013, 4:04 AM 

Do you ever run around with your cock and balls forced out of your tight jeans and a long shirt to cover the package? I also love old jeans with holes in them. I even make holes with a power wire wheel. I like to sag down and let my ass hang out. Do you wear just boxers without anything on top of them? Where do you live?

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I do like it

July 22 2012, 8:28 PM 

I really do enjoy freeballing, but, for me, it's only one enjoyment of that particular area of my anatomy. I have other things that I like that involve that area. All kinds of touching, as so many have shared. If any gals are listening, or other guys, all kinds of touching are good. First you gotta establish the mood so a guy knows what to expect, then get absorbed in the total enjoyment of touching and being touched whether or not it leads to an explosion of happiness.

I also like wearing some types of non-freeballing encouragements. Since this is not the kin of a freeballing topic, I'll reserve those discussions for elsewhere. But, do not be mistaken, there exist items of wear that allow free hanging balls to liven up your life and provide immense pleasure, even as you walk around in your primary cover up (like shorts, slacks, and so on).

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