Storm GM resigns - effictive immediately

by Josh


It comes with my deepest regrets when I say my membership in the NHA is over. I no longer hold any relation (Commish, GM, etc.) to the league whatsoever. I am resigning for personal reasons.

Perhaps I need not explain, but I feel I owe it to most of you.

The biggest reason is probably time constraints. A year+ ago when I was in college I had all the time in the world to do something like this, but at this time in my life I really need to focus on my career (or lack thereof). The consequences of my lack of time over the past year have already become evident with the lack of site updates and GM hires I performed, leading to current state of the NHA where GM existence & participation are very low. The added responsiblities of ratings, trades and simulating games might not seem like much to most of you, but when it's added to the chores I already performed (articles, site updates, GM hires) it adds up. I barely had enough time to do those (vital) jobs last year and now I'll have less time this year.

More importantly, however, is that the league has been too much of a rollercoaster ride for me as far as its (entertainment?) value to me. I've been wanting to quit on and off ever since Bruce's departure, throughout the last half a year those thoughts have grown more frequent and the last month or so the feeling is simply too frequent to ignore (every 2-4 days). The average GM duties have become stale for me (perhaps because I'm happy with my team) and most of all the NHA has become more of a job for me than something I enjoy. That's simply not how it should be and I honestly don't see things changing in that area (even if my workload was less).

I'm sorry for leading everyone on by starting things moving with the 2002-03 season. My intentions were to take over and give it a go for one year, and see how it went, as originally I was supposed to do the simming/ratings/etc. for Mike last year, but the inability for me to upload large files (e.g. league files) foiled the plan (sorry Mike). When it came down to it, despite my efforts over the past few weeks to fool myself into thinking I was getting enough out of the league and could handle the load, I realized the only reason I was trying to continue was for most of the GMs in the NHA, especially for Mike who let me into the league (twice) despite me being green and then years later entrusted me to take it over.

The hockey league is a lot easier to quit on than the people involved (you guys). I didn't want to let you guys down (and you know who you are) as I've appreciated (and now salute) your participation, kind words in regards to my efforts, and your friendship during my time here. In the end, I admitted to myself that my sanity and career/future is more important. I hope you can all understand.

Best of luck to everyone!

That's pretty much all I have to say. If there is a "puck" left, it would be in McEwan's zone now (I'm sorry about that too, Mike).


Posted on Aug 8, 2002, 5:26 PM
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