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who makes up the Schedules for the WHL??

January 4 2003 at 10:12 AM

Can you beleave the amount of travelling these clubs have to do in the WHL.

For example:
Rockets in Kamloops- Saturday jan 4
Rockets in Portland-Sunday jan 5
Rockets off Monday Jan 6
Rockets at home vs Seattle-tuesday jan 7
Rockets in Spokane -Wednesday jan 8
Rockets off thursday jan 9
Rockets at home vs Spokane jan 10
Rockets at home vs Giants jan 11

my point is that they are in portland on sunday why can't they play spokane on tesday then seattle on wednsday instead of driving back and forth.
I can not beleave that they make all these teams travell like this no wonder some games the player all look like Zombies.

The WHL should try to cut down on the travelling days especially when you are near that other teams cities...

l know all the teams have to do this but why is the question?why?

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Why it is....

January 4 2003, 2:37 PM 

because the Rockets have so many games in hand on other teams and it is thier turn to do the extensive travel. Most teams in the west have done alot of their back to back travelling already.

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Rockets Fan
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January 4 2003, 5:14 PM 

I think what RMB was refering to was why is the travel necessary for any of these teams. Not necessarily the Rockets. If they are travelling to the United States anyways, why not pick up all the teams while they are down there, and maybe even Vancouver and Kamloops on the way down or on the way back.

Whether its the Rockets, the Blazers, the Cougars...whoever.....

We have to remember that the majority of these guys are still kids. They live away from home, practice 5 days a week, and still have to juggle schoolwork.

I'm aware that that arena's have other commitments, but I'm sure that at most, if not all of them, the hockey club is the main tenant, and that they should be flexible in making the arena available to these teams.

I think RMB's right, and that they should reduce the travel any way they can. It benefits everyone involved. Just my opinion.

Then again, I could be totally wrong, and the WHL could have a very valid reason as to why the schedule is the way it is. Preparing them for the vigors of travel for their next level of hockey whether it be riding in style in the Big Show, or riding the buses of their minor league affiliate?

GO ROCKETS GOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rockets Fan
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I mentioned RMB, actually meant PROUD TO BE CDN.

January 4 2003, 5:16 PM 

sorry... refered to the wrong original poster.

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that is what l meant thank you

January 4 2003, 6:47 PM 

thank you.

They are kids and don't need all this time spent on a bus travelling back and forth.
you said it prefect

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totally agree

January 4 2003, 8:03 PM 


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I think it's been that way............

January 5 2003, 7:05 AM 

for quite a while in this league, something like 30 years? Not much they can do. Geography and venue availability dictate I guess.

The league is already cutting down on travel but not for the reason you'd like. It's mostly to save money as games between East and West Conf. teams are being reduced and may eventually be eliminated all together (until the league championship series).

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