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Pantieless Micro Skirt

May 5 2008 at 2:55 AM
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Debie  (no login)

I have been wearing skirts without panties for years now. I have to wear tights at work and I hate it. But when I'm Not at work I don't wear anything under my skirts. I love the fact that at any time someone may find out my secret. Wind, stairs and being seated can make it tough keeping my secret. Sometimes if I know some one can see up my skirt and I get turned on. I have noticed that it takes more and more to make me feel this way. If a skirt is near my knees I don't feel sexy. It takes a short skirt for me to feel like I'm risking anything. The problem is. A while back about 8 months ago I bought a new micro skirt. I thought about how it would feel to wear it in public but I didn't think I ever would. I couldnt stop thinking about it. I would put it on and look in the mirror and think that It would be a great turn on to wear it. This skirt is at least 4 inches shorter than anything I have warn. This skirt is about 2 inches shorter on one side than the rest. If I put the short side in front you can clearly see my lady parts. Even with it on the side, at the right angle you can still see everything. It is tight and likes to ride up but I can keep it under control. When I sit in it there is nothing I can do to cover myself. Even with my legs together you can see straight up it. Knowing all of this just turned me on and I kept thinking about how it would feel to wear it in public. After a few weeks I finally got up the nerve to wear it. I wore it to a Holloween party. I thought I would go as a Hooker. I wore a tube top and this skirt. I figured no one would believe I wasn't wearing anything under it. I also thought it would be dark at the party. I went there with my friend Stacy. I picked her up at her house. While I waited for her to get her costume on. She went as a pirate. She asked me if I felt naked and I said Kind of. We went on to the party. It was at someones house {large House}. I thought it would be at a club. It was not dark, it was not only a few people and the bar was upstairs. I was so embarassed. I just stood there nearly naked and wanted a drink. There were people everywhere. My only saving grace was the fact no one would believe I was not wearing any underwear. Stacy wanted to go upstairs to the bar. So did I but there were a lot of people on the brightly lit stairs. I finaly got up the nerve to go with her. After a few drinks I felt a lot more comfortable. I walked around alot because the only seats there were bar stools. I got a lot of attention. I talked to a lot of guys and was complemented on my atire. I was still under the assumption that no one knew I was naked under my skirt. After a while Stacy wanted me to go to the bathroom with her. there wasnt a line, there were 6 bathrooms. While in the bathroom Stacy asked me if I knew that every could see my privates. I did not. Looking in the mirror in the bathroom I saw that she was right. The short side of the skirt was to far in front. Long story short. I adjusted the skirt and went back to the party. I wasn't the only girl there dressed like a slut. I was the only one with a skirt this short and no panties. I could have just left and went home crushed. But I stayed and enjoyed the party. I Started to feel sexy less naked and liked the attention. I even sat on the couch for a while. Looking back on the whole night I loved it. The only problem after that night is that no skirt gives me the same feeling that that one does. I still wear it. But there is no where that it is acceptable to ware it. I wear it to the gas station or the car wash. I don't get turned on any more unless I think people know I am naked under my skirts. At this rate I will be arrested. The problem is I think that I'm becoming an exhibitionist and everytime I dress sexy I have to be more exposed than the last time. I know that everyone can see my everything and that turns me on. It's only been a few months since I bought the micro skirt but nothing makes me feel as wet as wearing it. I am now thinking about going see thru. I have gone see thru with my tops in the past. I have never gone with a totaly see thru dress. I bought a gauze sun dress and I know that in the right light that you can see right threw it. I may wear it soon. Has any one gone threw this. It's almost like I cant be naked enough in public.

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