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HyperScale's vsitors can get to know each other by posting their details and photos of themselves here as a permanent community reference.

To post an image of yourself, you will first need to find somehwere to host your photos on the Internet. Your ISP will often give you a limited amount of free web storage, and other online photo storage is also available. When you have loaded your photo, simply type in the exact URL of the location of the image. The URL will appear as an image if you link direct to a .jpg file. You can use the Preview facility to see how your message looks before posting to HyperScale's Guest Book.

Remember to also type your name into the main body of the text so that people can Search for your name in the future,

Please limit this group to Guest Book entries only. Model discussion and images may be posted to the other HyperScale Discussion Groups.

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Please note a few points of etiquette. First, would all contributors please use their real name and/or their actual e-mail address. All contributions are welcome but please refrain from political or abusive comments. These posts will promptly be removed from the server.