Greetings from Austin, Texas

January 26 2004 at 7:35 PM
Milton Bell 
from IP address

Hi! Looks like I'm one of the 'old Geezers' of the group. I was born Jan. 15, 1936, up in the northeast corner of Texas but we have been in Austin since 1973. Yep, I'm 68 now!

I've been building models since the third grade but I only began doing plastic scale models, mainly 1/48 aircraft, about 1980. I'm a retired archeologist and I spent the last 30 years or so traveling around the state ahead of highway constructioin looking for archeological sites. I specialized in artifact photography and still do the occasional contract...just to keep my hand in. My wife of 42 years, Martha, and I have one daughter and three grandsons, the oldest almost six.

Since my retirement, my modeling time is a premium! With the help of Bondo and some other local modelers, I edit and publish our club's monthly newsletter

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