Don keep your mind in the Game.

February 16 2007 at 1:00 PM
Nate Bouvia RT US ARMY 
from IP address

Response to Hi DARREN!!! From afghanistan!!!

16 Feb. 2003

Dear Don

Jay asked if I would write you, and said you were down a little bit. Don

I can say I have been their and done that. I served in the Army for over

24 years and I have been retired now for 13 Years. Missing home, a girl

friend, or just friends and family. You have to keep up your spirit and

mind, so you make it back home. I served from Vietnam,Panama, Grenada,

Haiti and Desert Storm and I had to keep my mind staight, so I could come

home to my wife and family. I can tell you that their are many Americans

who know that you are a Hero's and we want live Hero's. Just remember a

few things, God Love you, Your extended family loves you, you are fighting

a just cause, no matter what anyone ever says, Remember your combat

training and practice it often when you are not in combat. It will save

you more than once. Just remember you are loved by God. If you need to

talk to someone email me.

Nate Bouvia

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