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"2. if you're basing a show concept around a city theme, how do you have it and not book the best workers in the city on the show such as Sterling James Keenan, Super Hentai, Jimmy Demarco, Jason Gory, Shiima Xion, etc???? Kind of a waste of a good concept when you think about it."


I would've enjoyed seeing Keenan, DeMarco and Xion for sure because they're always entertaining but Hentai and Gory really dont do anything for me. Hentai seems like he just doesnt care anymore. The Super Indy 8 finals with he and Idol was one of the most boring tournament finals I have ever seen in the 9 years I've been following indy wrestling. And I'm seriously shocked the Jason Gory even works for IWC anymore because for the last few months I really thought he was a PWX guy. He just seems like one to me.

Posted on Sep 7, 2009, 5:35 PM

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