Re: BDW wants Ryan Mitchell to DIE!

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First of course without Big Dawg BDW is done. We hear it all the time how he is funding BDW out of his own pocket. Big fucking deal. Rikk did it for 6 years with no financial sponsors that are the greatest in Big Dawgs book of "Promoting for Dummies". Its Big Dawg that is killign BDW right now. Thats fact. Look at Rikks history of BDW. When he didnt have facilities he busted his ass to get another. Had some time between shows for a while but regardless he was doing what it took to make BDW. Big Dawg couldnt cut it with XWF and its being proved that even when handed a promotion with 6 years of history, free radio advertising, DARE affiliation, facility, roster, fan base, that he aint a promoter. He gave himself a title and never spent a day earning it. No one respects him. Instead of bragging about being a promoter soon he will be able to brag about not running one promotion in the ground and closed down, but two of them. If he has this Diamond Dawg Promotions thats suppose to be promoting BDW events hows that reflect on any other perspective clients when he couldnt promote or make his own company successful?

Posted on Sep 8, 2009, 9:37 PM

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