I am sad

by BDW lover (no login)

I truly think whoever mr. 'anonymous' is is full of shit. I talk to Rikk, Big Dawg and many of the workers, Jake, Blue Dragon, Gory, Idol, Wess...etc. and no one agrees one bit with your opinions on the company and this situation. You come on here and post like you are speaking for all of BDW, well, YOU ARE NOT! You bash your own fed and one of the owners. Rikk and Shawn are partners. They make decisions together. yes, BDW has been around for a long time with only Rikk, but eventually it has to be more than a hobby. All the time and money they have both put into what they were trying to do was to try to grow and make BDW profitable. Shawn doesn't act like he is the 'next coming' in this business, he just tries to help a friend make some money. Since the Nelson Jordan center days (which I know Dawg was there till the end...with his and Rikks families, cleaning up and tearing down), Rikk and Shawn have worked together to secure a facility (they hoped to stay in at one time), build an arena and get a bigger, better ring. They got over a grand in sponsors to help build everything and both put their own money and sweat into their vision. Shawn never bullied anyone to follow his ideas...Rikk thought they were good as well. Rikk now is concentrating on his family and can not put BDW first anymore, Shawn wanted to try to keep it running but with the overhead of what has to be paid monthly and the winter months coming on, it was not feesable. People who post on this board like you are miserable in their own lives and feel the need to bash others for no reason. So please stop acting like you ARE BDW. If you think you have the right to speak for all of us, then put your name. Rikk and Shawn are two of the nicest guys I know, they have always been straight with everyone and helped people whenever they could. Shawn does put his time in along with Rikk. They both agreed to after parties as part of the sponsors terms. Thats why you go to the Nugget. Everyone in Bridgeport already knows them...they are just trying to promote you and the company. To grow a fan base in the local community, and what better way to do this than create a personal connection with the audience and the workers. They continue to come, and bring more friends, when they say, yeah I met Idol or Bulldozer at the Nugget, they are really cool guys. This is Rikk and Shawn's home, they don't need fans, the workers on the cards bring fans. So stop hating something you are supposed to represent, and if you want to stick up for what your opinion is then take ownership of your comments on this board.
I will miss BDW but I know it will be back, in some form or another. It always does. Rikk and Shawn are friends and will continue to work together. I saw the Dawg House and it is nearly completely torn down, it saddened me, but I am looking forward to seeing something new and better in the future.

Thank you for the memories.

A true follower and supporter

Posted on Sep 10, 2009, 2:27 PM

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  • I'll back BDW. CFO Guy on Sep 10, 2009, 5:26 PM