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So, if wrestling shows have raffles during their show or other contests, does it take away from the show? Even if this contests happens, I would doubt it would go on during the entire show, probably in between matches or whatever.

If you think it's going to take away from the show, don't go. It really is that simple. My issue is with all of these people calling it disgusting, degrading, etc. It's a pro wrestling show in a bar. There is going to be a lot of shady stuff going on. As I said before, if you people are really serious about being offended, please come to the show and protest. Let yourself be heard. If not, just concern yourself with your own product. AIW has made no bones about it being an adult-themed product. If it bothers you, simply don't go. America at its finest; you are free to choose what you'd like to go to.

I look forward to seeing the anti-AIW protest outside McCarthy's. Continually whining about how offended you are on a message board is a waste of time. Unless you're not really offended and just trying to stir up trouble. No, that couldn't be it.

Jimmy will still cut worked promos that you will all lap up like good dogs, AIW will continue to put on the best shows in town, the fans will still be rowdy, and all will have fun.

Posted on Sep 28, 2009, 4:06 PM

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