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"This is an angle, yes. What I find wrong is the way it will play out live. It will probably be a skit that will slow down the show and kill the crowd. It will be an awkward segment fueled not by good writing and planning, but just the hormones of guys who want to see boobies."

I'm just curious, how in the world do you personally know how it will 'play out'? Just wondering. I mean, this show is being talked about so much now, it appears the AIW guys really know how to promote their show, whereas, everyone else is hating because they didn't come up with it first. I mean, that's basically the problem, right? You're just angry you didn't think this up first and use it in your own show.

Someone stated earlier that any female would be offended by this. Well, I'm a female and this doesn't offend me at all. Maybe that's because I have a brain that is fully functional and can realize what is a work, and what is not.

You are all brothers in this sport of professional wrestling. When are you all going to finally realize that if you all worked together, you could all put on great shows, and be talked about in a more sane and complimenting matter? Get a grip, okay.

This angle is humorous and the promoters of AIW and Jimmy both know what they're doing. And if it's just to get girls to dance around and look like fools, so be it. It's going to be in a bar, mostly filled with MEN. Sex sells, get over it. If a female is not offended, none of you men should be either.

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