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Here is some news I found.......I guess Lacey is still bad in the ring, and was hired to for her looks:
As a result of Angelina Love's untimely departure from TNA, the company plans on scaling back her former faction's ring time. Rather than wrestling, the company plans on having "The Beautiful People" focus more on skits, vignettes and miscellanea. Internal reaction to Lacey Von Erich (who debuted at a television taping last week that is set to air tomorrow) is that she's gorgeous, more so than the other members, but yet, she doesn't have the performing instincts of Velvet Sky and isn't regarded well as a worker.

``````all i can say to that is fucking morons! i dont think its possible to make a worse decision that that.
how hard i sit to give a hot girl a tryout and she if shes any good? if she sucks, and you must have a hot girl then give someone else a tryout. its very simple. look at most of the shimmer roster and start there. you can absolutley find a woman that will be hot, but is also a damn good wrestler.
the women usually get the highest rankings, so will give them less ring time, and more skits? yeah great fucking idea! the #1 improvement in getting away from jarretts lame ass bullshit was way less promos and skits. so take the #1 female group and give them more. so basically they took them away from the mens faction, and gave them to the women.

after now knowing all the scumbag backstabbing bullshit that mcmahon did to so many other feds to build the company, i really hate him with a passion. its very easy to do so since his product also sucks ass. but when tna lets idiots make retarded decisions like this, it really makes it hard to give a shit about them either. im all for giving the younger guys and girls more main spots, but not if they suck. aj definetly deserves his spot. but if lacey sucks this bad, then she definetly doesnt deserve hers. hopefully the rating with drop and they will realize how dumb this move is.

oh and i agree thats she looks great, but not better than velvet.

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