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The segment was pretty lame where they introduced her.

````i agree that it could have been done alot better, but not by them, by whoever wrote the whole thing. since they are getting tag title rematch at the ppv the obvious idea would be to have lacey debut and do a run in then, especially if they are winning the tag belts. if they do win the belts then it was a complete waste of lacey , which could have been a great surprise.

Ashley just seems lost in there and doesnt bother to go after Taylor until after Sky and Sarita are already in contact with each other.

````````i kind of disagree with that. i think shes getting a lot better with that stuff. she was maybe a half of a second behind velvet, and her promo came off good. i read somewhere that tna feels that madison has the most potential once she gets more confident and comfortable with herself. i think velvets been there for years, so that was an unnecessary cut on her, but i think the rest madea lot of sensem but i alos think she had come along way since she started being a heel in tna.

.....and well Lacey, maybe I am nitpicking but......

``````unfortuneately, your not. she did like 3 moves and to me they all looked sloppy. she pulled down sarita? from behind which didnt look good. she clotheslined taylor which didnt even look like it was anywhere near her neck. now when she used the claw i thought that was great, and a great way to introduce her as an original von erich, but that claw just looked weak as hell. what they should have done is had her actually put it on somehow so it looked as devestating as when her father and uncles used it, and not had madison and velvet pull her off. it would have made a much better impact if she refused to release it and security finally had to pull her off after they got pats madison and velvet fighting them off.

hopefully they will get aj or somebody else whos knows their stuff to immediatley work with her, or angelina gets her visa problems fixed. if they are going to keep her, the best bet now i think would be to keep her out of the ring and more of a manager type roll. supposedly scott deamore is now in charge of the womens division, so he seems smart enough to work around her lack of ability, and hopefully he will concentrate on madison and velvet in the ring for now. who knows.

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