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IWM, did yous ee that Lacey already has a shit ton of heat with TNA AND Sunny ripped her apart on her facebook?

`````````i read about the heat with her trashing angelina in an interview an dall that, but i didnt hear about the sunny stuff till i read your post.

On her Facebook account, former WWE Diva Tammy "Sunny" Sytch had some rather harsh things to say regarding Lacey Von Erich's "less than stellar" TNA debut last week. Many online have criticized the clothesline she delivered to Taylor Wilde upon jumping the ring.

```````````in my previous post i said her clothesline sucked, and when she pulled down sarita it also looked sloppy.
now for tammy, well i have been a sunny/tammy fan since she started in smokey mountain as tammy fytch, and if you read mt previous post youll see i agree with alot of what she said about talent,looks, girls with looks and talent,and getting a free ride because of who you are.
but i also think that making fun of and trashing somebodys dead father and calling him a drug addict, when you have no room to talk, is about as low as it gets. all she did here was come off sounding like a washed up jealous and bitter women, whos just pissed off that tna hasnt offered her a job and gave one to lacey, even though shes not any good. to say im not jealous and its not personal but then trash the girls dead family shows that tammys completly full of shit, and any credibility she may have had just went out the window after those and especially the drug addict comments. after saying this kind of stuff tammy just showed shes about as relevant as marc mero and the others talking about steriods and benoit.

```````what tna needs to do with lacey is 1 of 2 things.
1 fire her immediately. or 2, tell her straight up that shes on thin ice, and that she isnt very good and that shes going to start training with aj or somebody immediately, and if she doesnt listen, learn and get better then shes going to be gone. and then also keep her in a manager role until shes ready to be in the ring.

```````another thing that surprises me is that she flat out admits that her uncle kevin is who got her interested in wrestling, but why the hell hasnt he stepped up and said what the fuck are you doing? he obviously cant be pleased that her got her into wrestling and she got let go from the wwe in months, and gets another shot with tna and is immediately fucking it up as well.

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