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You are so far off base with your comments. First of all every FNW show has the same draw no matter who is on the shows. SJK has been on almost every show since day one and T Rantula has as well, except for the fact he has been injured for a couple years. FNW is a show and not about one individual wrestler. They have always offered something for everybody. T Rantula is older now and is no more popular than SJK. If he was younger, he may be doing alot more in the business, but he has to be pushing 50. He has been around forever although he still has his fans. Both of these guys have alot of fans and FNW fans like them both. Elias is also a good young entertainer and he is getting alot more bookings and does well for a young kid. It is funny that these guys always get singled out just because they are owners of FNW. It will be just a matter of time before T Rantulas son starts getting shit on since T is FNW management. How could you work with these guys and continuously talk shit behind their back or on this message board? Why dont you grow some balls whoever you are and say something to SJK, T, Elias or Dan.

Posted on Oct 11, 2009, 7:32 PM

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