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Topic seems to have got away from Madison Rayne and onto Lacey VE. But last night's Impact! showed how Lacey is likely to be used in next few weeks, i.e. interfering trying as last night to get her team the win. In this role no real complaints so far, sure her actually wrestling skills maybe limitted, but the role may not require high level of skills.

``````imo a great move by tna, that shows maybe they actually have somewhat of a clue. i liked how it was setup with her not being at ringside, and a complete surprise run in, and when she did the move actually looked very good, unlike her original appearance. they shoudl keep her in this manager type roll untill shes ready to wrestle.

Although Madison got the final win she was about to lose again until LVE interfered.

```since madison is a heel, this was a great way to win. she might have got beaten by the good girls, but she cheated to win.

so going back to how this topic developed, i.e concerning Madison /Ashley Lane, has the new storyline really done much to progress Madison.

`````absolutely! shes now getting another title match on ppv, and she just got her first pinfall win in tna, and it was in an 8 woman match, where she was the only one left standing in the end. plus they are putting her and velvet together as a regular tag team, and thats what i think they need to do.

I can still see her bring cast as the junior member of the trio.

```````well i read an interview with velvet and she was asked a question about leadership, and she said that nobody is the leader and they are all equals. now that was wrestling interview i know, but with what they are doing now it looks to be that way, and it should be. theres nothing wrong with one person being the leader, but having madison lose all the time didnt make alot of sense.

I'd still like to see her be given a bigger role. But at least the trio are taking some direction, and Lacey's good to look at.

````well from what they have done so far, i think she definetly has a bigger role. i think getting the pin in an 8 women match shows that.

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Posted on Oct 11, 2009, 8:03 PM

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