Hey Tommy

by Deven Michaels (no login)


Just because people work for a company does not make it a good company. I would say that the majority of workers don't care how bad the promotion is as long as they are getting paid. Hell, I am one of those guys. LOL I just couldn't take his bullshit any more so I walked the money wasn't worth it.

There is any number of people that work there or have worked there that can set and tell you everything that is wrong with Feelbad. That does not make them haters. These are people from the outside looking in giving you opinions and facts. What you don't seem to realize is that a lot of the guys that you look up to talk about how much of a bullshit show it is and that its only a pay day. I'm not going to stooge anyone of, but there are guys that are being paid very well by Feelbad that work for other promotions for 10.00 or less. They continue to work for Feelbad so they can take advantage of him. That is the way this business works, you get what you can where you can.

I am going to give you an analogy and I would like you to think about it. The RWA loyalist are like a girl friend. The Girl is being beaten and abused by her boy friend. All of her friends tell her that he shouldn't be treating her this way, but the girl is always defending the boy friend. Every time someone tells her what is going on she is blinded by her loyalty to the boy friend and calls her friends haters and that they don't know what they are talking about it. Sooner or later though the girl friend realizes that her friends are right. One of these days the RWA loyalist will see the light and Feelbad will be on his own.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2009, 1:11 PM

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