UWC-HKW Go Hard or Go Home Sunday Results 10/11/09

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UWC-HKW Go Hard or Go Home Sunday Results 10/11/09
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When: Sunday, October 11, 2009
Where: The Cleveland Dungeon Training Center
2966 W. 25th St. Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Bell time: 4pm

UWC-HKW Go hard or go home Sundays Results

The show started off with the singles contest of Delor De Cabeza vs. the Ironman. The Giant Delor De Cabeza looked like a mad man as the seasoned veteran Ironman did almost everything he could to take down the big man. Ironman tried three times to clothesline the big man, the first two times he had no success, the third time he threw a flying clothesline that took Delor down. Ironman was in this match and serious about getting down to business, but Delor De Cabeza wasn't interested in wrestling with pure hate on his eyes as he administered a low blow to the Ironman getting the match Disqualified giving Ironman the win. Delor De Cabeza exited the ring wildly looking in search of something. He grabbed a chair a then rush back into the ring to go after Ironman. It was almost a repeat of the week before when he injured Mr. RBI, but Mr. RBI came to the rescue with his injured arm in a sling as he swung a baseball bat at Delor De Cabeza protecting Ironman from the same type of assault that he suffered the week prior. Mr. RBI helped Ironman up and the two were cheered as they showed mutual respect for each other.

After that match the former UWC-HKW Champion Kano Josh Emanuel came out to address the fans. He got into the middle of the ring and was insisting he never lost the title and he wanted his title back, he demanded that the boss come out and give him back what was rightfully his. Commissioner Bobbinette Carey made her way out and told Kano if he wanted the title back he was going to have to earn it. This sent the former champ into a verbal tirade. The New UWC-HKW champ Rayne came out. When Kano asked how he would go about earning his title back he was informed that he would be in a six person tag match and if his team won he would become the number 1 contender to take on Rayne the following week. Originally disappointed with the news, Kano then was overjoyed as two of his VIP (Violent Indy Politics) members Angeldust, and the President of Pro Wrestling Lamont "Action" Williams came out. They all charged at the champ taking him down. The odds were against him until The BOUNCER came to the rescue and cleared the ring. Commissioner Carey then announced to Kano, The President, and Angeldust that Bouncer was one of Rayne's tag partners for the evening! The three members of VIP scurried to the back while Bouncer got quite the warm welcome from the fans for coming to the aide of Rayne.

The second match of the night was a tag match. The other two members of VIP Jay Ice and Special Agent Corey vs. the returning Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew Isaac Montana and Luis Diamante! This was the Wrecking Crews return match since the two members of VIP took them out several weeks ago. The match was a very back and forth tag match which only infuriated the VIP members. They isolated Isaac alone in the ring and double teamed him while the referee was distracted trying to keep Luis out of the ring. It was clear that the VIP members were out to re-injure the returning Isaac Montana. Jay Ice looked winded as he tagged in Agent Corey as a tag was made to Luis. Luis was ready to go and wanting pay back for the cheating they tried to pull on his tag partner. Luis was holding his own against the power house Special Agent Cory. Luis tagged in Isaac and the two perfectly administered various double teamed maneuvers, It looked like the Wrecking Crew was gaining the upper ground, Jay Ice couldn't let this happen so he tossed Agent Cory a pair of brass knuckles, Agent Cory caught them and was ready to use them. But the Wrecking Crew noticed the foreign object and collectively catapulted Agent Corey out of the ring to the floor. Jay Ice bolted into the ring to continue the match but was outwitted by the Wrecking Crew who hit their WRECKING BALL finisher to gain the victory in their return match. It was clear that the crowd missed the team and was behind them all the way as they erupted at their victory.

The Average Joe Buddy Smith requested special In-ring mic time. He got into the ring and apologized for his behavior to the fans, and called out his team mate Kombat Kid. He apologized to Kombat Kid for the way he acted and for treating him so badly. Average Joe said they were partners and above all else they were friends. The Kombat Kid smiled and forgave him, the duo high fived and led the fans in a GI JOE chant. Both went up to the top of turnbuckles, the fans cheered them on and was happy to see that all is well with the G. I. Joes. The two went to exit the ring Average Joe held open the ropes, but Kombat Kid (showing humility and appreciation) stepped between the ropes holding them open for the Average Joe Buddy Smith. The Average Joe thanked him then kicked the ropes hitting the Kombat Kid in the groin. That wasn't the worst of this blatant discourse; he started attacking the Kombat Kid. Fans looked on in disbelief until the Puerto Rican Wrecking crew came out from the back to help the kid. They chased The Average Joe Buddy Smith off who looked like crazed; as he laughed hysterically at his fallen former friend. He screamed he hated everyone as he disappeared behind back. The Wrecking crew helped Kombat kid to the back.

It was then time for the main event. Angeldust was the first to the ring, her issues with the commissioner was felt in the ring as there was a glare down. Then the former UWC champion Kano came out followed by the President of Pro wrestling. Bouncer making his first wrestling appearance at HKW's GO hard or GO home Sunday stood by the entrance as the UWC champ Rayne came out. It was then announced that the third member of that team was a treat for the fans as well as for Angeldust, it was the UWC WOMEN'S Champion TUFF TINA! Angeldust's face went pale as she tried to argue about her opponent but there was little that could be done about the discontent, the match was happening. The match started with Angeldust in the ring ready to take on Tuff Tina, her back was turned not realizing that the first person in the ring was Bouncer. She bumped into him only to turn around seeing him there. There was fear in her eyes as she backed up. Bouncer seemed a little hesitant and Angeldust attempted to capitalize on it by slapping him. After the third slap attempt, Bouncer grabbed her hand before it connected and spun her around dipping her almost mocking the woman. Angeldust stumbled back as she tagged in the President of Pro wrestling. The President entered the ring emphatically but Bouncer and his teammates handled the president with ease. The match went back and forth everyone getting their individual moves in, at one point Rayne was in the ring and had the President in the corner of his team. Tuff Tina chopped the president, then Bouncer then Rayne. This match was an amazing show of athleticism and the team of Tuff Tina, Rayne and Bouncer seemed to have things very well worked out uniting together against the members of VIP. But VIP, being no slouches, were able to keep up the pace as well when the former UWC champion Kano Josh Emanuel got into the ring. He proved he was going to put up a fight and earn back his chance at the title. After a desperation maneuver given to Lamont via the Bouncer, The show down everyone was waiting for happened when Rayne and Kano were both tagged in and faced off in the ring. The two stood toe to toe with each other matching move for move, until Rayne gained the upper hand and hit "The Doppler Effect" On Kano. He went for the pin but the count was disrupted by the president. Chaos seemed to be breaking out in the ring when Tuff Tina hit Angeldust with a n amazing Sit down Power Bomb. While attempting the pin, Kano distracted the referee as he pinned Tuff Tina via Backslide to gain the victory. Their victory was the win Kano needed to become the number one contender to face Rayne the following week.

After the show there are many questions left unanswered

How long until we see Mr. RBI's back in action from his injury and how will he go about seeking revenge on the man who tried to end his young career?.. Delor De Cabeza!!!

What caused The Average Joe to snap, and how will Kombat Kid handle this unexpected assault from former Best Friend and Partner?

Will VIP's Jay Ice and Agent Cory accept take their defeat from the wrecking crew or will there be repercussions from it? Like a malicious attempt at re-injuring fan favorite Isaac Montana?

And Will Rayne rain down terror on Kano this Sunday in his first title defense as champion or will his reign come to a quick end?

There is only one way to find out, See you all next week for another great show and addition of UWC- Hard Knocks GO Hard or Go Home Sundays at 4pm!!!!

For Ticket information and directions please call 216-272-7802

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