Re: BDW Returns to Brilliant, OH on 11/20/09

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Why do you keep on naming other people? The OAC gets 10 calls a day about outlaw wrestling. The fault lies with you and your product.

Nothing BDW has is great. The backyard wrestlers that you have are better by most 10 fold, but YOU still are not even close on being a Real promotion that people will support.

6-10 years and was never legit? How do you think people should act? Other promotions in a 6 year time has spent thousands of dollars and now you want people to pat you on your back and say good job?!

Payback your thousands and then we can talk. BDW and their promoter has not paid their dues. They are what kills real promotions and indy wrerstling.

Posted on Nov 19, 2009, 5:22 AM

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