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Ya know I've had enough, I'm sick to death of this...I'm speaking as Shane, the man behind McMoney, because this is just ridiculous. I've shown nothing but respect and love to everybody I've ever met in the wrestling business with the exception of two people, one I've kept civil with out of respect for the other guys and for the sake of respecting the business that we both love, and the other...well, the other is the reason I'm going on this rant, so I'm going to turn my full undivided attention to you...I know you don't like me, every show I've ever tried shaking your hand you rolled your eyes or some other disrespectful gesture. Ya always run your mouth about me claiming I don't deserve to get whats being handed to me and although your probably right it still doesn't give you the right to make that call, I mean what makes you better then me? I mean seriously anybody can put on suit and talk into a stick, its not that hard. Whereas I'm trying to learn more, trying to get better...I spend countless hours studying tapes and asking for advice, I try to get in a ring and learn whenever I can, and yet that doesn't matter because I'm not a "name". Well ya know what, Hogan, Flair, Austin, and everybody thats ever been anybody in wrestling didn't always have a name either you know, they had to do the same thing that myself and everybody else around us is trying to do now, so just think about that Sunshine...oh, and one more thing, you wish you were going to be in Cincy to "see me get killed"? Well I wish you was there too, because during the brawling portion of my match I'd "accidentally" miss my opponent and knock your fucking teeth down your throat and teach you a thing or two about personal respect you son of a bitch...

Posted on Nov 20, 2009, 9:12 PM

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