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"And I'll admit the DeMarco promo was very entertaining but in today's wrestling scene, with the amount of children who watch and comprise the core group of wrestling fan, is it really appropriate to condone unsafe sex and lambaste condom use? especially in today's society where AIDS is an epidemic and teen pregnancy is at an all time high."


it's because the AIW guys share the same sick sense of humor as DeMarco and like to chuckle behind the camera while he rambles about filth. Personally I dont find any of his shit entertaining. A real promo isnt measured by how many goofy one liners you can come up with or how ridiculous the bullshit you ramble about is, it's about emotion and making people believe what you're saying and buy into the match you're selling. Is DeMarco really going to staple Pondo's anus shut? It's so ludicrous and bizarre it's not even entertaining.

Posted on Nov 23, 2009, 10:45 PM

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