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For the 1,000th time, there were no public sex acts. You people just posting that to stir up trouble. Saying it over and over doesn't mean it's true.

Some girl dancing at Put-In-Bay Lakewood, unscripted, in her thong is not the fault of AIW. It's the fault of the chick. You don't think that happens at other bars. If you want to blame someone, blame the bar.

The West Park Party Center has a liquor license. AIW doesn't need one. The cop has always been on duty. I ran shows at the West Park Party Center and we paid for a cop and sold beer. It's their policy to have a cop there.

Jimmy DeMarco's character is completely off the wall and insane, so those are the kind of promos he cuts. If you people don't like it, it's really simple; stay home.

The shows do run long and some people do leave, it's true. Just like at every other freaking show. Some people come to see their friends or family and leave when they are done. This is not a concept unique to AIW. It happens everywhere. But, they could definitely tighten up the shows

Everyone has their moral compasses out when they talk about AIW. AIW has never marketed itself as anything but an adult show. Yet all you anonymous people turn into Reverend Lovejoy every time they're about to run a show. There's another company in Cleveland who's champion is the leader of a gang (and a babyface) and their tag champs are self-proclaimed douchebags. And they market themselves as family entertainment, and they run at a bar that also serves beer. And I say God Bless 'em, let them do their thing. Why? Because what they do has zero effect on my life, just like what I do doesn't effect them. I've got no problem with them. I like JC, Ray, Lou, CJ, and all the rest of those guys. There's no heat with any of them on my end. I'm just pointing out the obvious. If you want to dissect anyone and put them in a negative light, you can do it. Why don't you just let the groups run their shows, stay off the board, and just get better.

All the fucking drama that you guys perpetrate is just pointless. Maybe someday you anonymous tools will all grow up and have real problems and issues in your life and realize that wrestling is supposed to be the fun part.

Posted on Nov 24, 2009, 2:06 PM

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