you need a bond still nothing has changed

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Read the Law:

3773-3-02 Conditions and bond requirements for issuing a promoter's
(A) Any person who wishes to promote any public or private competition that involves the sports of boxing, kick boxing, karate, tough person contests, or any other form of
boxing or martial arts shall apply to the commission for a promoter's license. Each
application shall be filed with the commission on forms provided by the commission and shall be accompanied by the appropriate license fee required by rules bearing agency level 3773 of the Administrative Code. In addition, a cash bond, certified
check, bank draft, or surety bond of not less than twenty thousand dollars must be submitted with the application. The applicant shall verify the application under oath.
The application shall be signed by the applicant . The commission shall determine
the form of the application for the promoter's license. The application shall include
the name of the applicant, a passport size photo, the address, zip code and telephone
number of the applicant, and a reference confirming the applicant's financial
responsibility, and any other information the commission requires. Professional
wrestling promoters must submit a cash bond, certified check, bank draft or surety
bond in the amount of ten thousand dollars

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