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Spoken like a true.....Jackass....right Rikk?? come on I know its you...who else would come to a public forum and bash Jack Blazes like its the goddamn blarney stone or something?? YOU!! thats who....did u seriously just differentiate....I know, big word but follow me here...diff-er-enti-ate fans from marks? funny some fans are marks and marks are fans....speaking of just completely fuckin marked out by coming here to put BDW over LPW...NOT to mention you MARKED OUT to bash Jack the're a promoter ripoff (sign of a vinny Mark) you should treat Blaze like a god cuz he acts more like the Bischoff/McMahon of indy wrestling (sign of a good promoter) you talk about how only marks, not fans come to the message board, whether they be fans or wrestlers....yet everything you do revolves around marking out for message boards here cause NO ONE goes to the BDW board. (The sucking dick part I'll leave out)u get the point....what you do is not publicizing yourself, its not selfpromoting b/c if you were promoting your promotion right, you would not mention the workers on the LPW card and bash them over&over....NOT XWF- LPW, just worry about you and only you. Honestly if you're what Buckeye Local thinks is the "BIG DRAW" no fuckin wonder you're at a old ass middle school in bum fuck egypt with 75 screaming kids that you're babysitting for 2+hrs while the parents drink at the local pub....cause GODDAMN you'd have to be tanked to swallow that load of YOUR bullshit.

Posted on Nov 30, 2009, 6:50 PM

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