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by Fat Nick (no login)


If you're going to use my last name for whatever reason spell it right. It's Brashear. I mean do you think you sound cool using my shoot name?

I'll never get why indyboard trolls call out other fans by saying our fans are stupid or whatever. Most of our fans go to multiple shows around. If you want to try to call out the "Brooklyn Ninjas" AKA Thorne's friends, they haven't been to a show since I threw Jimmy over the rail (April 2009). So please point out exactly which fans are what you say they are.

As for all this Jimmy stuff, its dumb. No one is going to know the real story. Quit speculating on it. Trust me, everything on this board is speculation. We're doing our thing and I'm sure Jimmy's doing his. End of story.

We're working on our dates for 2010, we have some big things cooking so if you just want to see a fantastic show we'll keep delivering one, all you have to do is come and enjoy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Posted on Dec 2, 2009, 9:51 PM

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