REAL reason for the DeMarco/AIW split

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demarco's having a shoot nervous breakdown and i've heard that from multiple sources, none related to AIW, and two of them aren't even from the state of Ohio. if you really believe that AIW and Jimmy would part ways over a girl then you probably still believe in santa claus and the easter bunny. if you've been watching demarco you'd see that his behavior has become more and more erratic over the last few weeks and even months. Anyone who headbutts steel guard rails to get color and takes real bottles to the back of the skull isnt really all there to begin with are they?

AIW was trying to kayfabe the real reason to help out their boy but the truth is now starting to make the rounds. Why else do you think DeMarco is only doing 12/12 for Connors? A car accident? If you think a car accident would stop DeMarco from making his bookings you're a retard since every Jimmy DeMarco match resembles a car wreck. AIW is much, much better without DeMarco right now. Would you want your company to be represented by a champion who has bi polar fits and could breakdown at any moment, potentially on an actual show? Certainly not.

Posted on Dec 3, 2009, 8:33 AM

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