Re: if no results by friday there gone for good.

by indywebmaster (Login indymessageboard)

i usually agree with you webmaster, but this is the indy newsboard not indy results board.

`````its definetly not a newsboard, or a results board. its an everything board.

i have seen plenty of feds not post results, you cant just ban them for not posting results.

``````sure i can. and like i said this isnt about lpw.if your show is plugged here the least anybody SHOULD do is post results to it. most must agree because they do so. they ones that dont must not care about the fans, and since this has always been a fan friendly board, thos efeds don havea place on it.

its obvious there is more than a few people talking.. who are you trying to be the indy hitler lol.. that was a joke

````````i really dont care who posts results. it can be a fan, a wrestler a promoter, whoever. but somebody knoiws what they are. for hitler, well hitler didnt give anybody a choice. he just acted. im giving a choice.

If you are a wrestler or Indy Fed that wants to be linkled on myspace or just contact me, or go to the myspace link and click add to friends.

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"Some people say what I do is not wrestling. If it isn't, then what I do is better than wrestling." - Necro Butcher

Some people are like Slinkies........They serve no apparent purpose in life other than to occasionally bring joy to ones heart when they are pushed down a flight of stairs.

Posted on Dec 3, 2009, 10:16 PM

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