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yeah that makes alot of sense, i am no way a fan of xwf/lpw but holy fuck your whole gimmick is support indy wrestling. now you wana ban a promotion because no one posted results? thats childish

`````well obviously i am once again being confused with somebody else. i do not believe and never would say to support indy wrestling. i completely disagree with that statement. i do however think that people should support good indy wrestling , and specifically not support feds that are not good, and more importantly should not support feds that do not care about their fans.

i know very little about lpw. im not saying they suck and this is nothing against them. i also do not want to ban anybody. but i do want to have a board where people can come to find out about shows, before and after they happen. if ANY fed thinks that its too much to expect to need to post results on a place that you can promote your shows for free, well then they can find another place to do so. its simply not fair to all the feds that post on here that give a shit about their fans to have to share the place with people that obviously dont give a shit.
i didnt ban them, they did this to themsleves.

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"Some people say what I do is not wrestling. If it isn't, then what I do is better than wrestling." - Necro Butcher

Some people are like Slinkies........They serve no apparent purpose in life other than to occasionally bring joy to ones heart when they are pushed down a flight of stairs.

Posted on Dec 4, 2009, 9:25 PM

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