Re: Just because I was in the mood to sling shit.....well tell the truth

by Dawg (no login)

WHY? Because of a friendship.
Bullshit mutherfucker!!- Your wife was leaving you unless you had help with the $$$$ because you never made none in 6yrs!!

You came on board and the roster was against it but they let it slide because I was willing to take the chance. Never once were they sold on it.
Bullshit mutherfucker!! -90% of them wrestled for me before and we had no fucking problem.

Hell my own kids and ex wife werent sold on it. But I did it and where did it lead us? We had a few TV commercials that were oh so great and reach 800 thousand people. Look at it because it didnt even garner a 1% return of those 8000 thousand people. You brag you know marketing and on and on.
Bullshit Mutherfucker!!- NJC you had 50 fans untill the commercials. You barly had 50 fans at the Eagles for the 5th ann show! HHmmm The 6th ann show over 200 with buff and commercials. Fuck you dumb ass, you gave away 200 passes and 2 came back. I could go on and on about your great promotion skills.

I didnt see you busting ass to make BDW bigger or stronger. You wanted to bring in girls that had and have no business in the ring because its pussy. Ava Sky was the real winner there and she brought nothing to a show that you and I banked on didnt we.
So fucking what dumbass!!- What did it hurt? She gave away pics, brought 2
friends that paid for tiks, and they all bought food. Hell we made $$ more than your free passes.

I banked on your buddy CJ fucking BDW and he did just that.
Bullshit Mutherfucker!!- You talked to CJ more than I did! That was your idea bitch. So CJ was short on Buffs cash...CJ booked & paid the flight. And was off 200 that he was going to take care anyways. That show made the most $$ BDW will ever see!!

All those sponsors you brought in. WOW. They werent sponsors they were friends of yours with businesses that slid a lil money your way. Your connections.
Bullshit you mutherfucking cocksucker!!-
You fucking cried to everybody..."I cant get no sponsors for 6 yrs" I came in and got close to 2000 in cash. You know why Rick? People only give $$ to people they trust and produce!!

Good. My connections got us the material for the new ring, the materials to block off our area in the Dawg House we had.
You dumb mutherfucker- the shit wasn't free!! Sponsor $$ paid for the stuff.
(you talk about Allan) You stoled the shit bitch! From adv to zone you fucking used... you help me...I'll help you!!! Thats fucking stealing you dumb fuck!!

You couldnt even go get chairs that were gave ot me and had ot wait till I had a day off to do that. WTF... I picked the chairs up in my truck.

Only promoted with posters on days I had off cause you were just so busy with Diamond Dolls and ideas to make money.
You must be a really dumb mutherfucker. We both thought the DD was a good idea! For Gawd sake you made a calender of them with wrestling dates on it. And your just a dumbass to think I ONLY waited for you to put posters up.

Then I leave because it wasnt fun, when it was I was tired of your involvement. You lying mutherfucker!!- We all know you left because your wife left you bitch. "Hey all I'm moving to Lorain to get away from Dawg" LMFAO!!
(talk about CJ) you cried to me everyday about personal shit about your wife!

and give my half to Jake Garrett and after 1 week he couldnt put up with you either. How manny lies you puckass mutherfucker want to tell? Jake never had the funds to do it you dumbass!! I gave Jake full controll to do what he wanted bitch.

So you had it all. Ran 2 shows and proved exactly what everyone knows. You dont know how to promote, and cant draw. You dumb mutherfucker.- I didnt lose any money, boys got paid and so did the bills bitch!!

Oh but wait. Theres an after party at the Nugget. Yea BDW has lousy pay days but I out of pocket it all, and you want them to spend that, and more of their money to help your buddy Gloria that owns the bar, drink up guys then drive 2 hours home.
You dumb mutherfucker!!!- NO ONE HAD TO DRINK...I 90% OF THE X BOUGHT THE 1ST ROUND SO THE BOYS DIDN'T HAVE TOO!!! It was close and they made US free food. Why go to Perkins and spend their $$ when they could eat free you dumbass!!! And they all had a good time as seen by everyone you idiot! And lets get to the lousy paydays...I said Rick, we need to pay them more! You said 'Hey these guys will work fo me for free'! You never wanted to pay Wes but I did. He was your bitch boy. You brag about 6yrs running but cant pay more than $5 FUCKING DOLLARS A MATCH. That doesn't sound to good bro. And I will say you are right!! You are a better pimp than me.

Then out of the blue you not only threaten to sue me for what you thought was YOUR RING
You dumbmutherfucker!!- Once you left and stated to all that BDW is mine, then its mine IF I WANT IT!! You have that ring because I let you have it bitch!!

brag to your asshole friends about turning me in
Once again you lying muther fucker-. Who said I turned you in? I sent you a fucking email that was sent to me from the OAC dumbass. I mean whatcha think I turned myself in too. It was a BDW show, we just split up dumbfuck! They was called on us b4. You tried to blam it on Boski but he said no way, Rikk told everybody the you turned them in. Ya another loyal didn't cover for you bitch!

idea of selling the ring to LPW didnt pan out did it?

I wasn't selling shit to no one you dumb mutherfucker!! For the last fucking time...I do not have anything to do with LPW you dumb fucks!!

You know Rikk speaking for myself only. You got a problem with me well come see me man to man and we can talk it out. You have my #, email etc. Lets not throw any more books on here. If you got a problem get ahold of me.


Posted on Dec 6, 2009, 11:59 AM

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