To all those at 304 Wrestling...

by by Jessie Allen (no login) (Login indymessageboard)


To all those at 304 Wrestling...
by Jessie Allen (no login)

On February 19th, I officially take possession of the Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse. Thats just 5 days after you run your last show. It doesnt matter who you bring in anymore, cause me and my money and my friends are here to run your mark ass out of our business. And I personally hope that all those guys you book never have a place to work again. Because God knows, I wont book their sorry asses.

I will have real talent, real workers, the one that have actually done things in this business that the guys you use one dream about, or watch on tv. You think your big shit because you have a fancy set up and stage? Please any fucking back yard fed can go to Lowes and buy lumber and build a stage and hang a sheet on the wall.

Tom McKnight, your a mark, a joke, and a black eye to my business. People like you and your roster shouldnt even be anywhere around the business. Now I know what people are gonna say, "He uses Chance Prophet..." SO WHAT! You mean the same guy thats to fat to work for the fed? Big fucking deal. So Tom and all the 304 roster, my name is Jessie Allen, and I have put you all on notice.

You will soon have less of a work rate than you did before. IM BACK IN TOWN YOU BUNCH OF YARDER FUCKS. Yarder fucks, just to clarify, include; The Masters, Shane Matthews, Kris Kannon, Chance Prophet, Loco da Clown, Smokey C, and any other sorry piece of shit that works for a fuck like Tom McKnight.

Posted on Dec 19, 2009, 1:32 PM

Posted on Dec 19, 2009, 4:07 PM

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