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Indywebmaster just a point. Pondo occassionally makes a post on this board. Would he be a mark to? Under your above statement he would be. That statement by the way isn't very accurate. Some promoters and wrestlers do use this to plug shows, special events and post results. Ie. Pondo, Ken Jugan, Norm etc. For the record I do know what the term "mark" means and I wouldn't call every poster here a mark and certainly not those three men. A damn good bit of marks post here sure, but all posters are marks no. My feelings just as you have yours.

I do agree not many people shit on IWA EC. It might not be my cup of tea wrestling wise(everybody has their own tastes) but I give Pondo a shit ton of credit as he runs a place that draws and keeps drawing and puts on good cards and he is good to the boys, I respect him a lot for that. Jessie Allen whoever you are head this as a fair warning from a man who has seen it happen, running your fingers on a keyboard or even your jaws is a good way to get stretched in wrestling. I have seen you trash Nelson, Darkstorm and Pondo all three of which would handle themselves well and probably make you regret getting on the internet and trying to get over. Just take it as a word of advice stop while you are behind man.

Posted on Dec 22, 2009, 3:54 AM

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