The show sucked

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i drove up to OH from central PA specifically to see Necro and cabana. i got there at 7:45 and the "meet and greet" that was advertised must of been over. Cabana wasn't there, which was a total let down and Rowe/Necro was decent but nothing great. the rest of the matches were kinda flat except for the tag title match. besides that, the whole set up at the show was very unprofessional. i called a week in advance to get reserved tix and when i got there, there were no numbers on the seats and it was tough to find one. when i asked a staff member they said "go find one." the ring looked terrible and the whole set up looked like a mess. i'm from philly and was only closer to OH for the holidays but i'm never going to fire storm again.

Posted on Dec 31, 2009, 7:34 PM

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