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You know you can talk about shitty venues, dickhead security, bad gates, no-shows, etc. But I think the main point about this BS is in November, Davey Richards and Jimmy were advertised and didn't show. They were replaced with Necro and SJK, and both were great replacements. In December, Jimmy and Colt were advertised and didn't show. They were replaced by no one. There was ample time to get replacements, but none were obtained. I think that's the main difference in all of this BS. One company worked hard to try to do right by the fans, and one didn't.

I know there'll be a bunch of posts about how Colt/Jimmy suck, weren't missed, etc. But, that's more BS. There's no reason why FS couldn't have booked replacements in the time they knew the two guys they booked, advertised, and posted promos from weren't coming. They built the show around those two guys, and gave us nothing. It's not their fault the guys didn't show, but they offered nothing in return.

Posted on Jan 2, 2010, 12:24 PM

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