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I haven't even seen the DeMarco/Necro match, and based on your description, I already know the story of the match. That's exactly what should have happened in that match; Jimmy got his ass kicked for 20 minutes. Sounds like perfect story telling for what they were trying to get across.


DeMaraco is 5'8" and around 200lbs. Necro Butcher is nearly 6'4" and close to 250lbs and one of the most well known legitimate bad asses in pro wrestling today. How believable would it have been for DeMarco to stand toe to toe with The Necro Butcher for nearly 25 minutes?????? When people pay to see Necro Butcher they dont want to see people kick his ass, exchange shitty kicks with him, or see him bumping like a cruiserweight. When people pay to see Necro they want violence and destruction. The Necro/DeMarco match had that in spades and if anything give DeMarco credit for taking that brutal of an ass beating for such an extended period of time.

Also take into consideration the fact that the DeMarco/Necro match was really fucking good and Necro didnt walk out of the building seriously injured. And anyone questioning whether or not DeMarco was healthy enough to do the match should really look at Necro getting hurt by Rowe and the fact that the crowd was almost totally comprised of Rowe family and friends and you can pretty much see where that night was heading for Jimmy. It was basically an ambush for the guy to get hurt and mauled by a bunch of Cleveland white trash.

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